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In the fast-paced universe of AI content creation, we’ve got two powerhouses on our radar: Surfer AI and Agility Writer. They both claim to be game-changers, reshaping how we brew SEO-rich content. But when the dust settles, one champion emerges, offering more bang for your buck and a smoother user experience. Meet Agility Writer, the dark horse galloping ahead of Surfer AI.

Let’s address the prickly issue here: cost. Surfer AI pinches your pocket with a $29 charge per article, and remember, this sits on top of an active Surfer SEO subscription starting from $29 monthly. It’s quite a financial burden for the little guys — small businesses and solo content creators. But Agility Writer, it’s singing a different tune. The cost for one article? Just 4 credits, or around $3, and that’s it.

Yet, it’s not all about dollar signs. Sure, Surfer AI brings some perks to the table. Instant optimization feedback is one, thanks to its integration with Surfer SEO. But when it’s showtime, generating articles, it matches Agility Writer blow for blow. The clincher? User experience. Agility Writer lets you produce 4000++ word articles with well-structured outlines at a single click — a real time and energy saver. Add to this, its support for 15 languages and you have a tool with a truly global reach.

So, in the quest for a budget-friendly, intuitive, and adaptable AI content generator, your compass should point to Agility Writer.

Agility Writer — Optimize Mode Summary

Agility Writer’s Optimize Mode? More like a game-changer for content creation. Imagine this: crafting huge, 5000-word articles, taking cues from rival sites, giving your content the edge. This mode? Built for in-depth pieces. Shatters the word count barrier. Puts other modes to shame.

Why does Agility Writer stand out among AI writing tools? Efficiency, for starters. Minimal hand-holding. Other tools might have you guiding them, tweaking, and reworking for a 2000 or 3000-word piece. Not this one. One click. Job done. You save time. You save resources. No need for extra credits, manual generation.

What’s more? Optimize Mode isn’t just about big articles. It’s also about smart articles. The secret sauce? Article outlines from top-ranking websites. No more guessing game on search intent. Quality content that forms a coherent, fact-checked piece. No make-believe outlines, exhaustive edits. This advanced mode? Spits out ready-to-rank articles. Google’s search algorithm? Eats them up.

Truth Check

No need to go fact-checking. Agility Writer’s got your back.


Optimize Mode cranks out 5000-word articles that fit the SEO bill.

Pick Your Enemy

Choose your competitors manually, or let the AI select the SEO big guns.

Outline Your Way

Three AI-crafted outlines to mold as you wish.

Link It Up

Add internal, external links to boost your SEO score.


Highlight important stuff. Makes your article pop.

Overall Rating:
4.8 / 5

Agility Writer — Otimize Mode Pros

  • Price: Your wallet won’t cry with Agility Writer.
  • Easy Peasy: Even newbies will find their way around the platform.
  • Long Haul: Optimize Mode is a champ for long-form SEO articles.
  • FAQ Bonus: Add a FAQ section for that extra oomph.
  • Quality Stuff: Expect well-structured, top-notch articles.

Agility Writer — Otimize Mode Cons

  • Missing Internal Optimizer: Surfer SEO has one. Agility Writer? Not so much.
  • Readability Issues: Grammarly and Hemingwayapp say there’s room for improvement.

Starts at $25/month (Use AWOFF for 10% Off — Lifetime)

Testing: Taking the Plunge

Diving into the unknown, let’s test and witness the difference firsthand.

This review zeroes in on the new ‘Optimize Mode’, the Surfer AI parallel in Agility Writer. The drill? Optimize Mode > New Optimized Article > enter title or keywords > Create Article. Four credits? They’ll be gone.

Agility Writer Optimize Mode settings

A patience-testing three minutes roll by, as Agility Writer trawls through search results, drafting your article.

Agility Writer waiting time

An array of competitor articles to choose from next. Agility Writer uses these as reference points for your article. My advice? Go with the highest scorers.

Agility Writer Competitors selection

Should the auto-select not tickle your fancy, trust your gut. Your rivals? You’ve got them figured out. A re-selection means a regenerate. Just what I did.

Agility Writer Review: The Best Surfer AI Alternative

Final word count shoots up, topping 3840 words.

Ready to hit ‘Add to Writing Queue’? Hold up. Check out these available functions: FAQ, Title & Description addition, internal and external link incorporation.

Agility Writer Optimize Mode features

Styling? Add it in. It saves you the hassle of manual highlighting.

Agility Writer Optimize Mode styling

Throw in image prompts, if you fancy.

Agility Writer Optimize Mode image prompts

And now, ‘Add to Writing Queue’ is fair game.

Agility Writer Review: The Best Surfer AI Alternative

The wait begins. Not a brisk process, the article-writing bit. Roughly 30 minutes on the clock. While we twiddle our thumbs, let’s talk about a missing element in Agility — ‘AI detection’. Other modes do have it. With its prowess at crafting undetectable content, Agility could do with it. A feature addition by Adam, perhaps? For now, we wait.

And voila, the article’s ready. Under 30 minutes? You bet.

Agility Writer ready article

The finished product? It’s right here.

Time to get our hands dirty. The article copies over to NeuronWriter. We enter a query, select competitors (I left NeuronWriter’s choices unchanged).

Agility Writer's article in NeuronWriter

So, paste in the article and… Drumroll, please!

Agility Writer Optimizing Article in NeuronWriter

A score of 41. Not quite there. Something missing? Of course, metadata.

Title stays, but I’ll have ChatGPT pen the meta description.

Prompt for NeuronWriter

The final score? A respectable 61. The top NeuronWriter article? A close 64.

Agility Writer's article (optimized) in NeuronWriter

Bear in mind, Agility Writer’s Optimize Mode can generate a FAQ, title, and meta description. The box remains unchecked here, though. Intentionally. FAQ creation? I’ll leave that to NeuronWriter. Head to ‘AI writing’, select the FAQ.

NeuronWriter score after optimization

FAQ name in, click ‘Write for me’.

Agility Writer Review: The Best Surfer AI Alternative

And now, witness the transformation.

NeuronWriter better score of Agility Writer's article after adding FAQ

From 61, we climb to a solid 73. That’s 9 points ahead of the top competitor. Worth celebrating, no? And at just 4 credits. Further optimization? Seems overkill.

The final check: article originality, plagiarism (just to be safe), and readability in Grammarly, Hemingwayapp.

Grammarly: overall score — 85, readability — 21, plagiarism — 2%. Hemingwayapp: post-graduate, or in plain speak, poor. Originality? A mere 1%. For that, they’ve skimmed off 34 credits (you’re leaving me high and dry!).

Just so we’re clear, readability? We’re gonna spotlight that.

Readability, The Unsung Hero of Writing

Hey, in the writing realm, be it blog posts, novels, research, readability isn’t just a nice-to-have. It’s the life or death of your work. It’s not just about throwing words together. It’s the vibe those words spark in your reader’s mind.

Cracking the Code: What’s Readability?

Readability, what’s the deal? It’s how easy (or hard) it is to get your head around a piece of writing. Things like word choices, sentence length, structure, and syllable count all play their part. It’s not just about using easy words or keeping sentences short; it’s about creating a smooth flow in your text that guides the reader through your thoughts and ideas.

Why Bother with Readability?

Why readability, you ask? It’s all about how smoothly your readers can swallow your content. Good readability keeps the confusion at bay and lets readers absorb your content without frying their brains. This is key, especially in this digital age of information overload and short attention spans. Easy-to-read text means less mental gymnastics for your readers, making it quicker for them to find the answers they need.

Grading Readability in the Agility Writer Optimize Mode Review

Readability isn’t a one-size-fits-all thing. Think of it more like a tailored suit, depending on what you’re writing and who’s reading. A scholarly piece will have lower readability than a blog post, but that’s not bad writing. It’s just catering to a different crowd with different expectations. Before you start writing, think about who your readers are and tweak your style to fit them just right.

Talking about style, mine? I write like this because I’m looking for a cure for the seriousness that’s everywhere in life, work, you name it. My style, maybe it’s intriguing, a bit fiery, but it might not click with everyone. That’s okay. This is me, my blog. Your style? It should be uniquely you, not a carbon copy of someone else’s.

When I checked out Agility Writer’s Optimize Mode, readability was a big deal. The readability score of this article didn’t soar, but given the heavy topic, it’s not necessarily a fail. Remember, readability isn’t the only measure of good writing. What you’re saying, the context, and who’s reading all affect the overall vibe.

Dreaming of Adjustable Readability?

Me, I’d love to see AI tools like Agility Writer give the option to adjust readability based on the topic (hello, we’re talking GPT-4 here). But that’s missing so far. Imagine a tool that could tweak its style based on who’s reading. Until that day comes, we can only dream.

Readability: Final Thoughts

Readability? It’s a key piece of the writing puzzle. It’s not just about making your text “readable”; it’s about shaping it to be easy to grasp and captivating for your target audience. So, next time you write, be it a blog post, a novel, a research paper, keep readability in mind. Remember, writing is not just about sharing your thoughts, but ensuring they’re understood, taken in, and valued by your readers. And while we daydream about future AI tools that can fine-tune readability based on the topic, let’s keep working on our styles, making each piece a mirror of our unique voices.

Now let’s talk about Originality

So, we’ve run the gamut of tests, chewed over readability. Anything else tickling your curiosity, amigo? Ah, right, originality. Yeah, Originality.AI can be a tough nut to crack. Ever tried plugging Surfer AI-produced text into it? It’s a no-go zone, friend. A Youtuber (Vlad Ivanov; I’ve hit that subscribe button and I’d say it’s high time you did too) gave it a whirl, and he might as well have been trying to light a wet match. Who knows, maybe things have changed or will change? But for now, here’s the video proof.

Even if you turned anti-AI detection on, Originality’s not likely to hoodwink Surfer AI. And even if by some miracle it did, the readability would take a nosedive. Been there, seen that (check out my post about Undetectable.AI, where I lay it out in black and white).

Now, let’s take a detour to discuss AI-generated content and where Google stands on the matter. Google, the search behemoth, isn’t exactly mum about its views. They made it crystal clear in a recent blog post about how they process AI-scribbled content in their search results.

Google’s ranking gurus reward top-shelf, original content that’s got Experience, Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness (E-E-A-T) in spades. They’re all about content quality, not its genesis. This means your AI-spun content might still have a fighting chance in the rankings, as long as it’s up to snuff and sticks to the E-E-A-T script.

Using automation, including AI, to churn out content with the sole aim of tweaking search rankings is a big no-no in Google’s rulebook. But let’s not throw the baby out with the bathwater. Not all AI creation is dubbed spam. Automation’s been the behind-the-scenes hero for nifty content like sports results, weather updates, and transcripts. AI’s just adding another string to our bow, giving us fresh ways to create awesome web content.

So, tying this back to our chat on the Agility Writer’s Optimize Mode and its originality hiccup. Given Google’s AI-generated content perspective, maybe this so-called flaw isn’t as fatal as it seems.

If the content is high-grade, user-focused, and meets E-E-A-T criteria, it could still hold its own in search results.

Bringing us full circle back to the point about user engagement and the E-E-A-T mantra. Google couldn’t care less about the authorship or the writing process of the text. It’s all about how users interact: their dwell time, scrolling habits, link clicks, you name it. Your content has to tick the E-E-A-T boxes: expertise, experience, authoritativeness, and trustworthiness. No two ways about it.

So, it’s not about whether AI can whip up undetectable content, but whether it can deliver high-quality, user-centric content that fits the E-E-A-T mold. If it does, then its AI-origin is irrelevant. It’s a quality game, not a question of where it came from.

Agility Writer Optimize Mode: Key Features (In Detail)

Six features. Each a game-changer in its own right. With Agility Writer, it’s not just about crafting content. It’s about creating value. Making a difference. Winning the SEO game.

Fact Checking

Agility Writer? Think of it as a backstage fact-checker. In a world drowning in fake news, getting the facts right is key. It does the heavy lifting, saving you time, bolstering your credibility. But hey, a final check? Never hurts. A simple step that goes a long way to keep your rep clean.

Your Outline, Your Way

Three AI-generated outlines. Adjustable to your needs. Think of it as a personal assistant who lays the groundwork. You tweak it. Your unique voice, your perspective. It smooths out the writing process. Makes sure your content flows. Make it your own.

SEO: The Long Game

Here’s the kicker: Optimize Mode crafts articles up to 5000 words. SEO gold. Because size matters to search engines. Bigger, richer content? Higher ranks. But don’t worry, it’s not just a numbers game. Agility Writer ensures your big pieces are SEO-optimized. It’s like having your personal SEO whisperer.

Links: A Breeze

Adding links, internal or external? A piece of cake with Agility Writer. Links are SEO superheroes. They help search engines decipher your pages. They enrich the reader’s journey. It’s like having a tool that inserts links, picking the perfect spots.

Competitor Selection: The Spy Game

Here’s where things get interesting: the competitor selection feature. Manually pick your rivals. Or let the AI choose the SEO giants. Either way, it’s a strategic win. You see what they’re doing right. You do it better. But remember, imitation? Not the goal. Winning is.

The Styling Game

The styling feature? Your articles’ designer. Highlights key points, holds the reader’s attention. Perfect for the skim-and-go readers. Not just about readability, it’s about engagement too. Keeps the reader around. Gets them to act.

Identifying Ideal Users for Agility Writer and Why

1. Content Creators: Artisans of the Online Realm

Content creators — the wordsmiths, artists, rendering the digital world vibrant. Your canvas? Blogs, articles, social media updates. Daily, a juggling act. Unique ideas, deep research, SEO optimization, all part of the grind.

Here’s the game-changer. Agility Writer’s Optimize Mode. No more complex tasks. Just SEO-optimized content at a click. Gone are the tedious chores. Now, your energy funnels into captivating narratives, magnetic content.

2. SEO Specialists: Architects of the Web

SEO specialists, you’re the web’s architects. Your expert hands craft the online bridges, leading consumers to services, information. SEO algorithms, trend forecasting — your tools to navigate the swift currents of search engine results.

Agility Writer’s Optimize Mode. A new tool for your box. SEO-optimized articles, competitor targeting, smooth integration of internal and external links. An enhanced strategy, streamlined operations — solidifying your reign over the digital highway.

3. Small Business Owners: Digital Decathletes

Running a small business, a digital decathlon. CEO, marketer, salesperson, content creator — a multitude of roles, a scarcity of time. High-quality, SEO-optimized content? Often an uphill battle.

Enter Agility Writer’s Optimize Mode. An economical ally, arming you with a content team’s capabilities. SEO-primed content that drives traffic, engages audiences, and saves your budget.

4. Freelance Writers: Navigators of the Digital Wilderness

Freelance writers, your realm, the boundless digital wilderness. Blogs, articles, social media updates, press releases — diverse terrains to conquer. Every project, a fresh opportunity.

Agility Writer’s Optimize Mode — your compass. Rapid creation of top-quality, SEO-optimized content. Features like FAQ integration, key point highlighting — services amplified, clients captivated.

5. Digital Marketing Agencies: Maestros of the Online Concert

In a digital marketing agency, you conduct the online concert, orchestrating the interplay between businesses and audiences. Your strategies? The score. Content creation? A central melody.

Agility Writer’s Optimize Mode — a potent instrument. Consistent, high-quality, SEO-optimized content for your clients. Success driven, reputation fortified — mastery of the online symphony.

6. Bloggers: Chroniclers of the Digital Era

Bloggers, you are the digital era’s chroniclers. Your posts echo with experiences, insights, thoughts. But to expand your reach, your content demands SEO optimization.

Agility Writer’s Optimize Mode — your amplifier. Craft SEO-optimized articles, strategically embed links, highlight key points with ease. Your stories resonate further, your voice amplified in the digital world.

Agility Writer Pricing

  • Basic Plan: The Start-Up ($25/month, AWOFF code) Twenty credits per month, the Basic Plan, is for the individuals, the small businesses. Just need a few content pieces each month? This plan’s for you. The whole Agility Writer suite is at your fingertips — 1-Click Mode, Advanced Mode, Optimize Mode, Product Roundup Review.
  • Pro Plan: The Regular ($88/month, AWOFF code) Here’s the Pro Plan, showering you with 75 credits monthly. Perfectly tailored for content creators, businesses with regular content production needs. It packs all Basic Plan features, amplifying your content generation capabilities.
  • Premium Plan: The Powerhouse ($205/month, AWOFF code) The Premium Plan, a bounty of 200 credits every month. Ideal for the larger businesses, the digital marketing agencies. High-volume content creation? Say no more.
  • Elite Plan: The Content Factory ($475/month, AWOFF code) With the Elite Plan, a hefty 500 credits land in your account each month. It’s for the heavyweights, the major players in need of abundant content. All Agility Writer features included, enabling vast content production.
  • Ultimate Plan: The Behemoth ($898/month, AWOFF code) Enter the Ultimate Plan, a gargantuan offering of 1000 credits per month. For the large digital marketing agencies, the businesses with insatiable content hunger.

Each plan comes loaded with features: 1-Click Mode, Advanced Mode, Optimize Mode, Product Roundup Review, Customize Outline, Factual Data, SEO Optimized, Bulk Article Ideas, Perfect Outline Builder, Catchy Title & Description.

Dipping a toe in? Try Agility Writer’s full-feature trial for a dollar. On signing up, you get 3 credits. Join their Facebook group, and bag an extra 10 credits. A great way to navigate the platform, see if it aligns with your needs before diving into a subscription.

My Expert Opinion

So, we’ve cracked open Agility Writer’s Optimize Mode. A savory little secret for cooking up SEO-optimized content. It’s got the whole nine yards: selecting top-notch competitor articles, crafting outlines (heck, even three of ’em), tweaking those, adding FAQs, suggesting images, nailing the style… This bad boy is a true gem in the toolbox. Chuffed? You bet. Would I give it a thumbs up? Without batting an eyelid.

Sure, you might be scratching your head over the readability. Covered that earlier. Yes, the originality, or rather its scarcity, might have you in a spin. Dealt with that too. You dropped by looking for a more wallet-friendly alternative to Surfer AI, didn’t you? Well, gift-wrapped and delivered. I’ve tinkered with a few other tools, but they can’t hold a candle to Agility Writer or Surfer AI. I’m not here to coax you into clicking my referral link (I’d roast in hell if I fibbed), but to serve you options on a silver platter. And I’d say that mission is ticked off the list.

But here’s the kicker — always consider AI tools as your drafting buddy, not your doppelgänger. No AI tool can steal our thunder. Maybe someday they might (Hey, Elon Musk, you listening?), but not today.

If you’re feeling ballsy enough to take Agility Writer Optimize Mode for a spin, I say go for it now. Sample the goodness while it’s still just a buck.

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