best tools to make AI content undetectable

Alright, my friend, let’s dive into a world where AI content slips under the radar, undetected. We’re going on a journey, testing six tools that promise to do just that. Here’s our lineup:

AI writing tools, we’ve got:

  1. Agility Writer
  2. Article Forge
  3. ContentAtScale

And for the sneaky, under-the-radar stuff:

  1. Undetectable AI
  2. WordAI
  3. AISEO
  4. CogniBypass
  5. TextGhost

Now, I’ve given each of these tools a fair shake. Paid for some, not for others. Here’s the deal: I started with the freebies. If I spotted a glimmer of potential, I dug deeper, testing the tool further.

How did I test, you ask? Well, Grammarly was my trusty sidekick, checking for overall score, readability, and plagiarism. Originality AI was my second pair of eyes, sniffing out AI content. So, you can trust this review to be as unbiased as a fresh apple pie.

I’ll lay it all out for you — every step, every screenshot, all wrapped up with a neat little overall score.

In a hurry? Check this table:

AI Tool:

Agility Writer

Article Forge





Overall Score (Grammarly)







Readability (Grammarly)







Plagiarism (Grammarly)














Overall Score



From $25/mo,

$1 trial available

From $27/mo,

5-day free trial available

From $250/mo 

for 8 blog posts.

From $9.99/mo, Free limitied version.

From $17/mo,

3-day free trial available.

From $2.49, Free limitied version.

Just a heads up, these tools are like baby birds, just starting to spread their wings. There’s going to be more and more of them. And don’t worry, I’ll keep this post updated.

So, are you ready? Let’s jump in!

Best AI Undetectable Writing Tools

1. Agility Writer (AgilityWriter.AI)

Best Tools to Make AI Content Undetectable (4 out of 8 chosen)

Ever felt like you’re in an infinite loop of hide-and-seek with those pesky plagiarism and AI detectors while birthing AI content? Say hello to your new best friend, Agility Writer.

Agility Writer isn’t just an AI content creation tool; it’s the superstar of the industry. Its mission? Making AI content fly under the radar. Born from GPT-4 and nurtured by Adam, its brainy creator, it’s growing faster than a teenager in a growth spurt. Adam, known for his lively Facebook banter, ensures Agility Writer shines bright. It’ll spin out up to 4,000 words at the press of a button. No strings, no credits, no sweat. Plus, it’ll even dish out an SEO-friendly outline, just like the top websites, matching your audience’s search intent. But don’t let the AI babysit your content — some grammar and fact-checking is advisable.

Pops out 4,000 words in a clickCould use some help with readability
No need for human interference or extra creditsA smidge of plagiarism detected
Ready-to-use SEO article outlinesA little grammar and fact-checking needed
Meets search intent like a proIt’s not print-ready
Active creator. Big plus.

Top Picks:

  • Gives birth to 4,000 words with one click.
  • Human interference? Extra credits? Nah.
  • Top-quality SEO article outlines.
  • Search intent matching? Consider it done.
  • Adam’s all ears for user feedback.
  • Speaks 15 languages (English — American & British, Chinese — Simplify & Traditional, Danish, Dutch, German, Indonesian, Italian, French, Polish, Portuguese, Spanish, Swedish). A true polyglot.
  • Article credits from this month roll into the next.
  • Credit card and PayPal payments? Accepted.

Agility Writer Pricing:

  • A buck for a trial period.
  • Basic: $25/month for 20 credits per month.
  • Pro: $88/month for 75 credits per month.
  • Premium: $205/month for 200 credits per month.
  • Elite: $475/month for 500 credits per month.
  • Ultimate: $898/month for 1000 credits per month

Who’s It For:

  • Bloggers aiming to pass the AI originality test.
  • Content creators yearning for ready-to-go SEO outlines.
  • Fans of manual-free, no-extra-credits tools.
  • Those needing multiple language support.
  • Users appreciating a product creator who actually listens.

Real-life testing

Alright, folks, time to roll up our sleeves and dive into the heart of the matter: the grand test!

Adjusting the settings is a cakewalk. Just jot down the title of your soon-to-be masterpiece, pick the structure, your audience, and the tone of voice. Oh, and let’s not forget about adjusting that AI degree, with a cheeky click on “Advanced” mode (you want to bypass AI detection, don’t you?). Opt for the mode that prioritizes factual information, and voila! Check out my settings in the snapshot (kept most of ’em on default, if you’re curious):

Best Tools to Make AI Content Undetectable (4 out of 8 chosen)

Next up, we whip up the outline. Didn’t add my own special sauce this time because, well, the aim of the game here is to hunt down the perfect sidekick for making your AI content a stealth ninja!

Hit the “Add to Writing Queue” button and play the waiting game. Heads up, though: the more juicy data the tool needs to gather, the longer it’s gonna take to whip up the article. After a bit of thumb-twiddling, I head over to the “History” tab and boom! My article’s ready for the world. Here’s how it turned out:

Best Tools to Make AI Content Undetectable (4 out of 8 chosen)

Now, for the final step — Grammarly and Originality check-ups:

My test results are right here:

AI ToolTotal ScoreReadabilityPlagiarismOriginality
Agility Writer689A small 6%A big 92%

Agility Writer passed my AI originality test, so the tool can bypass AI detection. But it tripped on readability, making the content a bit of a tough read. It’s a robust AI tool, but it won’t replace your human touch.

Wrap Up

Agility Writer is a promising kid on the block for AI content that flies under the radar. It has an arsenal of features setting it apart from other AI writing tools — one-click 4,000-word generation, ready-to-use SEO article outlines, and multi-language support. But, it’s not a set-and-forget tool, as it needs a little human touch for readability and to weed out any plagiarism. With some grammar and fact-checking, Agility Writer might just be the ace in the hole for content creators, especially if you want a all-in-one AI writing tool that can make your AI content undetectable.


Read my more in-depth review on Agility Writer Optimize Mode

Ready to try it just for $1?

2. Article Forge

Best Tools to Make AI Content Undetectable (4 out of 8 chosen)

Meet Article Forge, a rebel tool using AI to craft human-like articles but at a much lower cost. Its AI writer is a smarty pants on pretty much any topic, having swotted up on mountains of data. Its special “No robots here” feature lets the content blend in with human-written text, a game-changer for SEO folks.

Thumbs UpCould Be Better
Uses AI to craft high-quality, unique articlesCould use more customization in writing style
Writes on virtually every topicMight lack the finesse of a professional human writer
Swift content creation – articles ready in under a minuteComplex topics might need a little human editing
Auto-adds relevant titles, videos, images, and linksSpeaks only seven languages
Schedules and auto-posts to WordPress sitesPrice tag might be a bit high for some, especially small businesses

Standout Features

  • Employs AI and deep learning for unique, SEO-friendly articles.
  • Writes about almost anything under the sun.
  • Spits out articles faster than you can microwave popcorn.
  • Auto-adds relevant titles, videos, images, and links.
  • Schedules and auto-posts to WordPress — SEO, simplified.
  • Talks in seven languages, for an international edge.
  • Backed by brainiacs at
  • Offers a 30-day money-back guarantee — less risk for first-time users.

What’s The Damage?

The ‘Standard’ plan from Article Forge sets you back $57 per month if billed monthly, and $27 per month if billed annually. This includes 250,000 words per month for one user. For those needing more words and accounts, there’s a ‘Business’ plan with custom pricing and more perks.

Who’s It For?

  • SEO Wizards: Get your content seen with Article Forge’s AI-crafted, SEO-friendly articles.
  • Small to Medium Businesses: Tight on resources? Article Forge’s speedy, cost-effective content creation is your lifesaver.
  • Bloggers and Content Crafters: Need a content factory for your blog or site? Article Forge has got you covered.
  • Digital Marketing Agencies: With a wide range of topics, Article Forge is a one-stop-shop for diverse content.
  • E-commerce Stores: Need product descriptions pronto? Article Forge is your go-to.

Let’s Test Drive It

Here’s my take on Article Forge. Setting it up was as easy as pie. Just pop in the article title, some instructions on the topic, choose the length, and add any “Excluded Topics” if needed. Also, ticked “Auto-generate Section Headings”:

Best Tools to Make AI Content Undetectable (4 out of 8 chosen)

And enabled “Avoid AI detection” (a new feature).

Best Tools to Make AI Content Undetectable (4 out of 8 chosen)

No frills, just user-friendly.

The finished article? Pretty darn impressive. Unique, well-crafted, and on-point. It did a fine job of impersonating a human writer, just what I wanted:

Best Tools to Make AI Content Undetectable (4 out of 8 chosen)

Onto the scores:

Grammarly gave an overall score of 83, a readability of 29, and only 1% plagiarism. The originality? 37% — not perfect but hey, it’s better than a goose egg.

Here’s a quick head-to-head:

MetricsArticle ForgeAgility Writer
Total Score8368
Plagiarism1%Teeny-weeny 6%
Originality37%Staggering 92%

So, Article Forge didn’t ace the originality test like Agility Writer. But hey, it outscored in every other area. Digest that for a minute.

Time to Wrap It Up

So, Article Forge. It’s an AI content whiz kid. Pops out unique, SEO-friendly articles that could pass as human-written. And, it’s got a knack for making its content blend right in with the human stuff — a little wink to SEO and content marketing.

Sure, it doesn’t quite match the creative spice of a human scribe (yep, only 37% original). But it’s reliable, won’t burn a hole in your pocket, and it’s pretty handy at churning out quality content on a range of topics. Fast content? Check. Auto-adds fancy extras? Check. Schedules and auto-posts to WordPress? Double check. It’s a friend to SEO hotshots, businesses, bloggers, and digital marketing firms.

Bottom line: choosing between Article Forge and other tools, like Agility Writer, depends on your needs, your tasks, and your budget. But let’s not forget — having an AI pal like Article Forge means crafting high-quality, SEO-friendly content just got a lot less tricky.

Want to give it a try?

3. ContentAtScale

Best Tools to Make AI Content Undetectable (4 out of 8 chosen)

ContentAtScale, a rising star in AI content creation, isn’t your run-of-the-mill writing tool. It’s more of a secret agent, deftly crafting content to slip under the radar of many AI detection tools (but not all of them).

A blend of three AI engines, seasoned with natural language processing and semantic analysis algorithms, make up its secret sauce. It even goes undercover on Google, breaking down top-ranking content to piece it all together in a way that can bypass AI content detection.

But bear in mind, while it can outsmart many AI detection tools, it falls short when facing off against Originality.AI, the cream of the crop.

Slips past numerous AI detection toolsCan’t outwit Originality.AI (at least, yet)
Mixes complex AI engines and algorithmsIn beta phase
Crafts deep, SEO-optimized blog postsPocket-pinching
Packs user-friendly features like key takeaways and table of contentsStruggles with short-form content
Born with SEO in its DNAMight be an overkill for folks not seeking undetectable AI content

Standout Features:

  • Outmaneuvers numerous AI detection tools
  • Juggles a complex mix of AI engines and algorithms
  • Crafts detailed, SEO-optimized blog posts
  • Packs user-friendly features such as key takeaways and a table of contents
  • Designed with SEO as its backbone
  • Can spin content from keywords, videos, and podcasts
  • Provides a gratis AI content detection tool
  • Dangles a trial credit for just $39.99
  • Guarantees a refund if the first two content posts don’t hit the mark

ContentAtScale Pricing

  1. Starter plan: $250 per month
    • Includes: 8 blog posts
    • Cost per post: approximately $31.25
  2. Scaling plan: $500 per month
    • Includes: 20 blog posts
    • Cost per post: $25
  3. Agency plan: $1,000 per month
    • Includes: 50 blog posts
    • Cost per post: $20
  4. Agency plan: $1,500 per month
    • Includes: 100 blog posts
    • Cost per post: $15

Additional post credits: $25 each

Perfect For:

  • Writers seeking stealth mode for their AI content
  • Bloggers aiming to slip past AI content detection
  • Content marketers on a mission to craft undetectable AI content
  • SEO whizzes ensuring their content doesn’t trip AI detection wires
  • Businesses with deep pockets for top-notch, undetectable AI content

Testing In Real-Life:

So, I rolled up my sleeves and put ContentAtScale through the wringer. I took for a spin articles posted on their own blog, ones about the update that’s supposed to make their content fly under the radar.

Best Tools to Make AI Content Undetectable (4 out of 8 chosen)

The article structure was on the money — table of contents, key takeaways, all shipshape. But what about Grammarly and Originality’s verdict?

Grammarly handed out a score of 84, readability of 37, and a plagiarism of 5%. ContentAtScale’s in-house AI detection tool (free, by the way), rated the article as 95% original. But the big brother Originality? Not an ounce of originality.

Here’s a side-by-side with two other tools:

MetricsContentAtScaleArticle ForgeAgility Writer
Overall Score84 (the winner!)8368
Plagiarism5%1%Tiny 6%
Originality0% (the loser)37%Sky-high 92%

ContentAtScale scores an A in structure, readability is a B, plagiarism gets a B+, but in originality, it’s an absolute goose egg.

Final Thoughts

ContentAtScale is a tool with a punchy pitch — undetectable AI content, in-depth blog posts, and an easy-to-navigate interface. But it has its rough edges. It falls flat when up against Originality.AI, is still in its beta stage, and leans towards the pricey side.

However, if Originality.AI doesn’t keep you up at night and your wallet can handle it, ContentAtScale might just fit the bill. It can outsmart several other AI detection tools and comes with a feature list that makes it a heavyweight in the AI content creation ring. Just keep in mind, like any tool, it’s crucial to run your own tests and see if it ticks all your boxes.

Ready to check it?

Best tools to make your already-made AI content undetectable

1. Undetectable.AI

Best Tools to Make AI Content Undetectable (4 out of 8 chosen)

Undetectable.AI is a savvy tool that turns AI-spun content into high-grade, legible prose. It sidesteps AI detectors, producing text that’s as good as human. It’s your AI content’s fairy godmother, transforming it into a work of art, untouched by even the most refined AI detection systems.

You could be a marketer, content wizard, or a researcher, Undetectable.AI is your undercover buddy, helping your AI content to sneak past AI watchdogs and remain undetected. It’s not just about sneaking past, it’s about crafting content that hits home with your audience and rings true with your brand’s voice.

My FavoritesRoom for Improvement
Dances around AI detectorsFree trial has its limits (only 250 words available)
Crisp, readable contentOutput depends on the input
Watermark for proof of ownershipFinding the sweet spot needs some testing
Matches writing levelMore pricing options, please
Plays well with APIsUser guide could be beefed up

Show Stoppers:

  • Outwits AI detectors, making your content a stealth ninja.
  • Cranks out crisp, engaging content that clicks with your audience.
  • Comes with a writing level match feature, letting you pitch your content right.
  • Packs watermark and future proofing, making sure your content stays yours.
  • API compatible, integrating well with your current systems.
  • Puts money where the mouth is with a money-back guarantee if content is flagged.
  • Dials readability from high school level up to doctoral level.
  • Lets you pick the content purpose, be it plain vanilla writing or legal documents.

The Money Part:

Best Tools to Make AI Content Undetectable (4 out of 8 chosen)

Undetectable.AI has a monthly plan at $9.99, letting you use 10,000 words per month. Eyeing a bargain? Their yearly plan is currently half off, costing you just $5.00 per month (billed yearly at $60.00) for the same word count. For the big players needing truckloads of words or words that don’t expire, custom pricing is up for grabs.

Right up Your Alley if You’re:

  • A content wizard wanting to turn AI content invisible to AI detectors.
  • A marketer looking to pump up email deliverability rates and SEO-friendly content.
  • A researcher keen to outfox automated content filters.
  • A wordsmith wanting to produce unique, human-like content without setting off AI alarms.
  • A business with a need for speed and precision in processing tons of text data.

Showtime (2 rounds & 3 tests in each)

I put Undetectable.AI through the paces with an article spun by ChatGPT without a promt and with a prompt.

For comparison, I will show you the results in Grammarly and Originality.AI of the ChatGPT’s output in two scenarios — when it’s given a prompt and when it’s left to its own devices. First, let’s tackle how ChatGPT handles itself without a prompt. Buckle up, because we’re going on a wild ride!

Note: both of the ChatGPT’s outputs (shown below) will be tested with Undetectable.AI, WordAI, and all other AI tools I am giving a try.

The First Scenario

ChatGPT’s output tested without a prompt:

Well, all before your eyes.

The Second Scenario

ChatGPT’s output tested with a prompt:

Of course, in both scenarios the originality of the output was 0%. I showed you this for clarity. Now, let’s test the ChatGPT’s outputs with Undetectable.AI.

The First Round (testing the ChatGPT’s output without a prompt)

Test No. 1: I set the dial to High School for readability and General Writing for purpose. The results were pretty slick. Take a look.

Grammarly: overall score — 74, readability — 17, plagiarism — 2%, originality — 14%.

Test No. 2: Settings: Readability — High School, Purpose — Article.

Result: Grammarly — overall score — 67, readability — 18, plagiarism — 2%; originality — 26%. But hey, not everything’s red in Originality, so we’re getting there. Let’s roll again.

Test No. 3: Settings: Readability — Journalist, Purpose — Article.

Result: Grammarly: overall score — 69, readability — 16, plagiarism — 3%, originality — 42%.

Undetectable.AI Test Performance (1st round):

Test NumberSettingsGrammarly Score (Overall)ReadabilityPlagiarismOriginality
Test No. 1Readability – High School, Purpose – General Writing74172%14%
Test No. 2Readability – High School, Purpose – Article67182%26%
Test No. 3Readability – Journalist, Purpose – Article69163%42%

Remember, these are preliminary tests. Performance can change based on the input data and the settings you choose.

That wraps up our first round of trials. Now, let’s give a shot to the ChatGPT’s output with a prompt. Wil it enhance the readability and originality scores? Let’s find out.

The Second Round (testing the ChatGPT’s output with a prompt)

Undetectable.AI modes stayed the same, just swapped the input data to a ChatGPT article written using the prompt I showed you above when tested the ChatGPT’s output. Just a reminder:

Best Tools to Make AI Content Undetectable (4 out of 8 chosen)

Test No. 1: Settings: Readability — High School, Purpose — General Writing.

Results: overall score — 72, readability — 41, plagiarism — 2%. Originality — 91%. Notice how a little human touch can work wonders?

Test No. 2: Settings: Readability — High School, Purpose — Article.

Result: Grammarly: overall score — 80, readability — 44, plagiarism — 6%, originality — 8%. Swung and missed this time. But hey, that’s the game — to find the perfect settings.

Test No. 3: Settings: Readability — Journalist, Purpose — Article.

Result: Grammarly: overall score — 78, readability — 52, plagiarism — 4%, originality — 31%. A wee bit better. Though, the top score was bagged by the first settings, i.e., Readability — High School, Purpose — General Writing.

Undetectable.AI Test Performance with Rewritten Content:

Test NumberSettingsGrammarly Score (Overall)ReadabilityPlagiarismOriginality
Test No. 1Readability – High School, Purpose – General Writing72412%91%
Test No. 2Readability – High School, Purpose – Article80446%8%
Test No. 3Readability – Journalist, Purpose – Article78524%31%

Again, these are just the first round of tests with rewritten content. Outcomes may vary based on the nuances of your input data and the chosen settings. Keep playing around to find what works best for your needs.

Wrap Up

Undetectable.AI is a heavyweight when it comes to turning your AI content invisible. It’s a breeze to use, offers a palette of customization options, and serves high-grade, legible results. Sure, it might need a bit of testing to find the sweet spot, but the payoff is worth it.

With Undetectable.AI, you can spin content that not only slips past AI detectors but also strikes a chord with your audience and syncs with your brand voice. Whether you’re a content spinner, marketer, or researcher, Undetectable.AI is a trusty tool in your kit, helping you make your AI content fly under the radar.

Undetectable.AI updates: the team updated the UI, and I like it much better.


Want more? Then hurry up and read my more detailed review of Undetectable.AI, where I did a lot more testing.

Ready to try the tool for free (limited version)?

2. WordAI (

Best Tools to Make AI Content Undetectable (4 out of 8 chosen)

Meet WordAI. A marvel of tech, powered by machine learning, that revamps your content till it gleams with human touch. If bypassing AI detection rings a bell, WordAI has got your back. It’s not about a sprinkle of synonyms. WordAI morphs sentences while keeping their soul intact, acting like your secret editor to make AI content seamlessly human.

WordAI’s Pros and Cons Unveiled

1. Say hello to rewrites in a blink. Hello, productivity.1. A bit more freedom to tailor the rewriting process? Yes, please.
2. Fancy a free 3-day trial and a 10,000-word bank? WordAI’s got it.2. More rewriting levels would be a delight.
3. WordAI offers a whirlwind of up to 1,000 rewrites per article.3. A deeper dive into analytics would be a cherry on top.
4. Bypassing AI detection? Check.
5. Bulk rewriting and API access for a smooth workflow? Check.


  • WordAI, the maestro at morphing sentences while safeguarding the crux.
  • Empowered by machine learning to rewrite like a pro.
  • An article rewritten in seconds. Impressive, right?
  • Adjust creativity level for original content retention or SEO power surge.
  • Supports HTML content and offers bulk download. Handy, isn’t it?
  • No worries about AI detection. Your content gets a human guise.
  • Enjoy a free 3-day trial with a 10,000-word count.
  • Peace of mind with a 30-day money-back guarantee.


WordAI has three offerings on its menu:

  1. Starter: $9/month (annual billing) or 17$/month (month billing): promises 50,000 rewrite words/month and 25,000 undetectable AI words/month.
  2. Power: $27/month (annual billing) or $57/month (month billing): for a whopping 3,000,000 rewrite words/month and 250,000 undetectable AI words/month.
  3. Enterprise: Tailor-made with custom word limits per month.

Ideal for

  • Content Writers: Looking to disguise their AI content.
  • SEO Experts: Keen on outsmarting AI detection for SEO triumphs.
  • Digital Marketers: In need of unique content. And lots of it. Fast.
  • Bloggers: Wanting to sprinkle variety and avoid the penalty of duplication.
  • Businesses: Looking to ramp up content production without quality hiccups.

Hands-on Testing

Let’s dive into the testing waters. We’re running fewer tests here due to two modes in WordAI: Change Less and Change More. We’ll first explore ChatGPT’s original output sans Prompt in both modes and then repeat with Change More. Let’s get cracking!

Test No. 1: “Change Less” mode (no prompting):

Results: Grammarly gives a score of 80 and readability of 24. Plagiarism is at 4%, but originality is a no-show at 0%. Grammarly seems quite content, but originality lets us down.

Test No. 2: “Change More” Mode (no prompting):

Results: Grammarly’s score dips to 75, with readability at 14. Plagiarism reduces to 2%, and originality crawls up to 4%. Not a great start, is it? Time for the Prompt version of our content to meet WordAI.

WordAI Test Performance (1st round):

Test No.ModeGrammarly ScoreReadabilityPlagiarismOriginality
1Change Less80244%0%
2Change More75142%4%

Round No.2

The prompt for ChatGPT is the same as we used when testing Undetectable.AI:

Best Tools to Make AI Content Undetectable (4 out of 8 chosen)

Test No. 1: “Change Less” setting:

Results: Grammarly dishes out a score of 77 and readability leaps to 63. Plagiarism at 4% and originality soars to 95%. Did we just hit the jackpot or what?

Test No. 2: Switching to “Change More”:

Results: Grammarly’s total score dips to 71, readability is at 58, plagiarism at 2%, and originality at a commendable 88%. Not as impressive as the last, but hey, it still gets an A-minus. Trust me, I used to be a teacher.

WordAI Test Performance (2nd round):

Test No.SettingGrammarly ScoreReadabilityPlagiarismOriginality
1Change Less77634%95%
2Change More71582%88%

Summing Up

WordAI? Oh, it’s quite the hot rod in the AI content creation scene. It weaves AI words with a human touch — fast, efficient, and with plenty of swing. Sure, there’s room for improvement. Still, its perks dance circles around its minor quirks.

Itching for quality AI content with that subtle human nuance? WordAI could be your best bet. Oh, and did I mention it’s cheap as chips? That’s a sweet cherry on top.

WordAI or Undetectable.AI? It’s not about a boxing match. It’s about you picking the right fit. You might get cozy with WordAI’s interface like I do, or you could be lured by Undetectable.AI’s customizable output. It’s your party — you decide.

Oh, there’s another contender in the ring — AISEO. But, I’m not holding my breath. Not right now, anyway. They’ve got to put on a stronger game to join the ranks of WordAI and Undetectable.AI.

So, WordAI is waiting for a spin. If going under the AI content radar and ensuring your content stays low-key is the game plan, why not give WordAI a try?


“The Fine Line: Making AI Content Undetectable!” — Trying to blur the boundary between AI-crafted and human-penned text? WordAI’s ‘Avoid AI Detection’ is your key. My review? Comprehensive, insightful. Your result? Enhanced content strategy. Dive in, today’s the day!

Remember, every coin has two sides. Check it out and make the call that suits you. After all, who knows better than you?

3. AISEO: The AI Writing Tool That Needs Some Tweaking

Best Tools to Make AI Content Undetectable (4 out of 8 chosen)

Picture this: You pour your energy into crafting the perfect AI content. You’ve got all your metaphorical ducks in a row, and then — bam — detection systems flag your work. Annoying, isn’t it? Meet AISEO, the tool that dares to promise undetectable AI content. But is it really as sunny as it sounds? Let’s find out.

First Impressions

AISEO positions itself as the knight in shining AI armor, promising to transform robot-like content into something more human. It pledges to help your AI content slip under the radar of plagiarism and detection systems. Even more, it brags about a whopping 90%+ human pass rate. But when it comes to actually making AI content undetectable, it stumbles. My tests revealed AISEO grappling with bypassing’s detection, making it a slightly shaky bridge for those wanting to make their AI content more elusive.

1. Humanizes AI-generated content.1. Struggles with bypassing’s detection.
2. Touts a 90%+ human pass rate.2. Free account offers limited testing.
3. Variety of language options for content creation.3. Limited credits with a free account.
4. Hemingway Readability Improver is AI-driven.4. Could use some more polishing and refining.
5. A range of pricing options to choose from.5. Test results were less than stellar.


  • Promises to make AI content stealthy.
  • Asserts a 90%+ human pass rate.
  • A wealth of language options for content creation.
  • Hemingway Readability Improver aided by AI.
  • Range of pricing options.
  • Claims to outsmart AI detectors with its custom models.
  • 1-click blog generator.
  • Automatic image generation for blogs.
  • Unlimited custom templates at your disposal.


AISEO offers three pricing tiers:

  1. Grow Plan: At $19 per month or $15 annually, it delivers 500 credits (approx. 50,000 AI words), 30+ SEO documents, and access to all paraphrasing modes, among other perks.
  2. Scale Plan: At $34 per month or $29 annually, it provides unlimited generations & optimizations, a User Seat, and infinite SEO documents & SERP analysis, and more.
  3. Team Plan: At $79 per month or $69 annually, it features unlimited generations & optimizations, 4 User Seats, and limitless SEO documents & SERP analysis, and then some.

Who Can Benefit

  • Content Creators: Seeking to cloak their AI content.
  • SEO Specialists: Looking to dodge AI detection to boost their SEO rankings.
  • Bloggers: Wanting to create content in various languages.
  • Marketers: Desiring engaging, quality content that resonates with their audience.
  • Teams: Needing multiple user seats and unlimited content generation & optimizations.

Real-world Testing

I took AISEO for a spin using a free account, which offers a meager 10 credits and the chance to conceal 125 words of AI content. Here’s my experience:

Test without a prompt:

The result: Grammarly: overall score — 98, readability — 32, plagiarism — 0%. Not shabby. Originality — 7% of original content. This didn’t quite hit the mark.

And now a test with a prompt:

The result: Grammarly: overall score — 97, readability — 60, plagiarism — 0%. Not bad, eh? Originality — a meager 2%. This low originality score was a bit of a bummer, making it clear why I didn’t jump onto a paid account for more testing.

AISEO Test Performance

Test TypeOverall ScoreReadabilityPlagiarismOriginality
No Prompt98320%7%
With Prompt97600%2%

To Wrap It Up

AISEO talks the talk, but when it comes to making AI content undetectable, it sort of limps. Despite the smorgasbord of features and pricing options, its inability to sneak past’s detection is a bummer. The low originality scores from my tests didn’t exactly thrill me, explaining why I didn’t splash out for a paid account to keep testing.

However, AISEO isn’t all doom and gloom. It offers a multitude of language options for content generation and comes with a Hemingway Readability Improver driven by AI. But if you’re gunning for undetectable AI content, you might want to scout for other prospects.

However, you can try the tool.

The AI content creation landscape is booming, and newer tools are vying to help make your AI content more elusive. So, keep your radar on and don’t shy away from trying out new tools. After all, the only way to hit the bullseye is to keep shooting.

Update: Popping back into this space as promised, folks! Got two new tools in my kit — one costs a dime and the other won’t cost you a penny (the only thing you will need to pay for is OpenAI API).

4. The Inside Track on CogniBypass

Best Tools to Make AI Content Undetectable (4 out of 8 chosen)

Today, we’re diving into CogniBypass — a nifty tool with a dual-purpose mission: Bypass and CogniGPT. I rolled up my sleeves and tinkered around with both to see if it’s worth the hype. Here’s the deal: every request gobbles up 5 credits, as outlined in the price list. Opt for a bigger plan, and voila, process more words in one go. I went for a 500-word plan, pretty adequate for our test run. The tool’s simplicity was a hit for me, but, let’s talk about the pink in the interface — what’s that about? A feminization attempt? With my colorblindness, it’s still a glaring pink mess! This is more of a nudge to the developers, though.

Let’s weigh in on the pros and cons, shall we?

Hits the SpotCould Do Better
Clever algorithms to sidestep AI detectionInterface needs a color makeover
CogniGPT for top-notch, covert textCogniGPT uses GPT-3.5, not GPT-4
Handles hefty word loads in a jiffyUser interface could use a spit and polish
Swift results for checksInstructions need beefing up for rookies
Offers a freebie for trial runsMore options for tailoring output wouldn’t go amiss

The Highlights:

  • Dodges AI detection and plagiarism, thanks to clever algorithms.
  • CogniGPT, your go-to for undetectable text.
  • Swallows massive word counts whole, depending on your plan.
  • Rapid results from checks.
  • Give it a whirl with a free version.
  • Versatility for anything from assignments to blogs.
  • User-friendly? Check.
  • Speedy processing? Double check.

Let’s Talk Money

Best Tools to Make AI Content Undetectable (4 out of 8 chosen)

CogniBypass keeps it simple with several plans. The free version hands you 25 credits for up to 150-word batches, totaling 750 words. The Standard, priced at $2.49, ups the ante to 500 words at a time, maxing at 5,000 words. Premium at $9.99 lets you handle 1,000 words in one go, totaling 50,000 words. And for those big spenders out there, the Custom at $20.00, offers unlimited words and processing. Each bypass action will set you back 5 credits.

Who’s It For:

  • Students aiming to slip past AI detectors.
  • Bloggers looking for covert content.
  • Freelance writers needing to disguise their AI creations.
  • SEO gurus aiming to dodge AI detectors for articles.
  • Content creators in need of covert AI tools.

Test time

Test drive time, guys. Four runs just like before, two with prompts and two without. The two features in the spotlight are Bypass and CogniGPT. Quick note on CogniGPT: think of it as your handy ChatGPT assistant, dishing out content that’s ready to go and undetectable. Plus, it straight away shows if your content passes the test. That’s the endgame, right?

Round one, here we go:

Test No.1 (sans prompt):

Grammarly score: 64, readability: 38, plagiarism: 0%, Originality: 87%. Impressive start, I’d say.

Test No.2 (prompt in action):

Results: Overall score (Grammarly): 64, Readability shoots up to 77 (wowza!), Plagiarism at a reasonable 2%, Originality: 96%. Pretty neat, wouldn’t you agree?

CogniBypass Test Performance (1st Round)

Test TypeOverall ScoreReadabilityPlagiarismOriginality
Test 1 (no prompt)64380%87%
Test 2 (with prompt)64772%96%

On to round two:

Time to coax CogniGPT into churning out an article on the same theme (AI’s ascent), first without a prompt and then with one.

Test without a prompt begins now:

Results: Grammarly score: 46, readability: 28, plagiarism: 3%, Originality: 70%.

Test two (with prompt):

Overall score: 71, readability: 55, plagiarism: 6%, Originality: 94%

CogniBypass Test Performance (2nd Round)

Test TypeOverall ScoreReadabilityPlagiarismOriginality
Test 1 (no prompt)46283%70%
Test 2 (with a prompt)71556%94%

The final word

It seems running your own content through Bypass yields better results, but demands more time. But hey, we’re in the pursuit of top-notch content, aren’t we? The choice is yours at the end of the day. Putting it up against Undetectable.AI, I’d say the latter takes the cake when it comes to functionality and the color scheme (pink, seriously?!). But hey, to each their own! CogniBypass does offer a free version where you get to test drive 150 words multiple times — give it a whirl!

5. TextGhost: Free Tool

Best Tools to Make AI Content Undetectable (4 out of 8 chosen)

What’s TextGhost? It’s a no-cost, cutting-edge tool, developed with a primary focus on personal and educational exploits. It’s not just any AI gizmo; consider it your friendly AI wingman, exploiting the power of GPT-4 to keep your content under wraps. Registration? Easy. OpenAI API key? Pop it in. Boom, you’re all set. But remember, free comes with a catch—you’re on the hook for the OpenAI API usage costs. Despite its no-frills demeanor, TextGhost does have its share of shortcomings—long text might have you waiting, and don’t expect any bonus features beyond the main gig of cloaking AI content.

The Good StuffRoom for Improvement
GPT-4 in the engine room, promising top-tier contentMight dawdle on long texts
Sleek, user-friendly designCould use more bells and whistles
Almost-free, you only foot the bill for OpenAI API usageOutput formatting could be smoother, tends to spit out a continuous text wall
Tops the charts for originality in testingGrammarly’s not impressed—high error rate
Go-to for camouflage for AI contentStability in performance post-error correction up in the air

Bright Spots:

  • GPT-4 at the helm, for quality content
  • No-nonsense, friendly interface
  • Almost a free lunch, except for the OpenAI API cost
  • Originality scores soaring high—AI content, you’re under the radar
  • Aces for personal and educational pursuits
  • Keeps your OpenAI API key to itself
  • Experimental and keeps evolving
  • Ethics champion—no to plagiarism and unfair play

The Damage

Here’s the deal. TextGhost won’t cost you a penny. The catch? You’ll need your OpenAI API key, and that’s not a freebie.

Perfect Match For:

  • Folks aiming to shroud their AI content
  • Those wanting to outsmart AI content detection
  • Seekers of simplicity in user interface
  • Those who chase after originality in their content
  • Those ready to iron out the kinks and errors post-output

Real-World Trial

Put TextGhost to the test using ChatGPT’s output, both prompted and unprompted.

The initial trial (no prompt):

Outcome: overall score at 42, readability at 55, plagiarism at zilch, and originality at a whopping 95%.

The second run (with a prompt):

Outcome: upped the overall score to 53 and readability to 62, with plagiarism still at zero and originality at 53%.

On the flip side, TextGhost’s output struggled with formatting, spitting out a jumbled text block. The error rate? High, if Grammarly’s scoring anything to go by. I wrestled the output into a more readable format, but errors stayed put—for the sake of a fair trial.

Final Take

TextGhost, it’s a straightforward, user-friendly gadget, running on GPT-4 to help your AI content blend in. It’s mostly free—except you’re on the line for the OpenAI API charges. It’s not perfect, with a penchant for slowing on lengthy texts, a rough around the edges formatting style, and a tendency to stumble on grammar. Still, it does a commendable job at making AI content blend into the background, especially when you consider its price tag. However, there’s a lineup of worthy contenders out there. Give Undetectable.AI, Word AI, and CogniBypass a glance. They might just tickle your fancy.

FAQ on the best tools to make your AI content undetectable

1. What’s the scoop on the best undetectable AI content writing tools?

Well, let’s spill the beans. Agility Writer, Article Forge, Undetectable AI, WordAI are the top dogs in the game of making AI content undetectable. These tools will definitely help you bypass AI detection.

2. Agility Writer, what’s its magic trick?

Agility Writer is an AI writing tool that’s all about making AI content play hide and seek. It can whip up to 4,000 words faster than you can say “content at scale”. It’s also a fan of SEO-friendly outlines. But, a little grammar and fact-checking never hurt anyone, right?

3. What’s Article Forge’s secret sauce?

Article Forge is an AI writing software that crafts unique articles on any topic you can think of. It’s like a one-stop-shop, adding relevant titles, videos, images, and links. It can even schedule and auto-post to WordPress sites. But remember, it’s not Shakespeare, complex topics might need a human touch.

4. How does ContentAtScale play the game?

ContentAtScale is a content creator that uses a mix of AI engines, natural language processing, and semantic analysis algorithms to craft content. It can slip past many AI content detectors. It also breaks down top-ranking content on Google and pieces it together to bypass AI content detection.

5. What’s Undetectable.AI’s strategy?

Undetectable.AI is a tool that gives your AI-spun content a makeover. It transforms it into high-grade, readable prose that can sneak past AI watchdogs. It’s like your secret agent, making your AI content undetectable by AI content detectors.

6. How does WordAI make a mark?

WordAI is an AI tool powered by machine learning that gives your content a human touch. It revamps your content while keeping its essence intact. WordAI makes AI content look and feel human.

7. How much do these tools cost?

Well, it varies. Agility Writer’s plans range from $25/month for 20 credits per month to $898/month for 1000 credits per month. Article Forge will set you back $57 per month if billed monthly, and $27 per month if billed annually. ContentAtScale starts at $250 per month for 8 blog posts.

8. Who can benefit from these AI content writing tools?

Bloggers, content creators, SEO experts, digital marketers, businesses, you name it. If you’re aiming to pass Originality.AI’s test, need multiple language support, or are looking for ready-to-go SEO outlines, these tools are your best friends.

9. Any limitations to these AI content writing tools?

Sure, they’re not perfect. Agility Writer could use some help with readability and a smidge of plagiarism was detected. Article Forge might not be as smooth as a professional human writer. ContentAtScale can’t outwit Originality.AI and struggles with short-form content. But hey, they’re still pretty cool, right?

Bottom Line

Alright, let’s hit pause. Dive, we did, into the world of AI writing and AI-proof tools. Among the AI writers? Agility Writer, the showstopper. SEO optimization, keyword insertion — it’s a loaded deck for content generation. WordAI, though, grabs the gold for solo tools. But hey, it’s subjective. Numbers, data, UI — it’s all there. You decide.

Agility Writer? Spawned from GPT-4, it spits out 4,000 words with a button’s click. Think of it as the industry’s VIP, keeping AI content incognito. But a word of caution: Don’t let AI nanny your content. Some grammar-proofing, fact-checking? Highly recommended. On the other hand, we’ve got WordAI. Machine learning is its fuel. It doesn’t just spit shine your content; it makes it gleam with a human touch. It’s not a synonym fest. No, WordAI reshapes sentences, soul intact, your secret editor making AI content a perfect human mimic.

The world of web business? Always evolving. More tools likely to gear up for making your AI content fly under the radar. Take SurferSEO; their new Surfer AI’s got that AI detection evasion feature. Vlad Ivanov tested it (check his review). So, I didn’t feel the need to list it here.

What’s the take-home message? DIY. Personal testing showed me my preference. So, grab these tools, churn out content, own that web business world. Remember, the aim: short-form, long-form content, completely invisible to AI detectors, upgrading your content game.

Updates? They’ll keep coming. AI, machine learning — it’s a fast-paced scene. I’m here to keep you up-to-speed. Happy writing!

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