GPT-4 writing tools

Hey, you! Yes – you, the wordsmith. Tired of writer’s block? Want to revolutionize your craft? Ever wondered what the future of writing looks like? Well, the future is now!

In a hurry? Here is my top pick:

1st Pick
Best GPT-4-powered AI Writing Tools (3 out of 5 tested)
LongShot.AI — Best Overall

I have to say, discovering felt like finding buried treasure online. Its integration with tools like Semrush fits perfectly into my workflow.

And features like custom templates and fact-checking cater right to how I create content. Sure, the AI-generated stuff isn’t 100% accurate all the time. But no tool is perfect.

At the end of the day, Longshot has become my go-to partner for content creation. It just seems to get how I work.

2nd Pick
Best GPT-4-powered AI Writing Tools (3 out of 5 tested)
AgilityWriter — Best SEO

Agility Writer can whip up long articles fast, I’ll give it that. And I love how it pulls in up-to-date information to optimize for SEO automatically. But when I asked it to review itself, the result was a bit of a mess that needed some editing TLC.

Still, the core structure showed real promise. As the AI behind tools like this advances, I think Agility Writer has tons of potential to level up into a top-notch content creator.

For now, it’s a diamond in the rough. But with some polish, it could really shine.

3rd Pick
Best GPT-4-powered AI Writing Tools (3 out of 5 tested)
ZimmWriter — Best Price

Considering the features it brings to the table, ZimmWriter comes at an unbelievable price. Being able to tap into AI writing assistance from within so many programs is a game-changer for my workflow. And the creative “magic commands” make it simple to take my drafts to the next level.

I’ll admit that ZimmWriter has its limitations regarding things like web access. But for anyone watching their wallet like me, this tool makes AI writing collaboration very accessible.

I’m excited to have ZimmWriter in my corner as a budget-friendly writing sidekick.

Introducing GPT-4-powered AI writing tools! Gone are the days of wasted hours and crumpled paper. With these helpers, perfection in every sentence! Really? Oh, absolutely! Today, we’ll dive into the best tools available – read on.

Get ready to be amazed. Or, amazed to be ready? Either way, let’s do this!

What are the best GPT-4-powered AI tools?

Best GPT-4-powered AI tools at a glance:

AI Tool:


ChatGPT Plus


Agility Writer

























Up-to-date data






SEO Features












Learning Curve












Overall Score



From $19/mo, free trial available

$20/mo, free limited version

From $5.97/mo, $197 LTD, SPECIAL15

From $25/mo, 10% off: AWOFF

From $29/mo, free trial available

5. Writesonic – A GPT-4-Powered AI Writing Tool or Not?

Feeling the pressure of writer’s block? Yeah, me too. That’s why I decided to give Writesonic a go – lured in by their claim of being a GPT-4-powered AI writing platform designed for generating SEO-friendly content. But did it save my sanity and create brilliant articles on the spot? Let’s delve into my rollercoaster experience.

Best GPT-4-powered AI Writing Tools (3 out of 5 tested)

My Take

Writesonic sure had a shining list of promises: Multilingual support (cool!), tons of templates (nice!), various generators like ads, and social media content features (impressive!). But after dipping my toes in, I discovered that not all that glitter is gold.

3.08 out of 5
Best ForSmall agencies & bloggers
who just start
PriceStarts from $19/mo
DiscountNot available
PromotionFree trial (10K words)

What I Love vs. What Could Be Better

What I loveWhat Could Be Better
Multilingual SupportMisleading Trial Experience
Variety of TemplatesFlawed Sonic Editor Workflow
Integrations AvailableLocking GPT-4 Behind Paywall
intuitive User InterfaceNo so-perfect Headlines

Key Features:

So, what does Writesonic offer?

  • AI Article Writer: Create long-form blog posts, effortlessly? Tempting!
  • Paraphrasing Tool: Rewrite text like a pro.
  • Article Summarizer: Lengthy pieces simplified in just one click.
  • Surfer SEO Integration: Make Google your friend.
  • Language Selection: Generate text in 24 languages besides English. Sweet!
  • Integrations: Export feature & Chrome extension
  • Free trial with 10k words And different quality options (Premium-claimed-GPT3.5 , Superior-GPT4)


Writesonic offers three pricing tiers:

  1. Free Trial: Test AI writing with 10,000 words but without pure GPT-4 taste?! Sneaky!
  2. Long-form Plan: $19/month for bloggers, freelancers & businesses – 60,000 Premium words per month.
  3. Custom Plan: For teams and enterprises, custom packages await you.

Sadly GPT-4 isn’t accessible during the free trial!

Best Suited For:

Who should test the waters with Writesonic?

  1. Bloggers feeling trapped in neverending writing sessions.
  2. Entrepreneurs aiming to create content without nitpicking on quality.
  3. Small agencies wanting a multilingual content generator.
  4. Members who aren’t afraid to go deeper behind their paywall

My Experience with Writesonic

Picture this: I signed up for Writesonic’s free trial, ready for GPT-4 magic at my fingertips – but did it materialize? Nope! In fact, they served me some not-so-delicious GPT-3.5 instead! Talk about bait and switch…

But hey, let’s try editing – simple enough…right? Wrong! Sonic Editor was a clunky mess of errors and empty documents, wiping away my generated piece (and sanity). Painful!


Eventually I managed to find the created document in the “History” section. But the initial frustration didn’t go anywhere.

Don’t fret, though; there are positives, like support in many languages besides English plus a wide range of templates going hand-in-hand with available integrations making life easier… or do they?

Now, I want to give you more details of my experience. Once I created my free account to give it a try, I decided to try their new feature – AI Article Writer 4.0.

Best GPT-4-powered AI Writing Tools (3 out of 5 tested)

I was given the opportunity to enter a topic, find keywords, and even see how competitive they were (well, great!)

Then, I chose the Tone of Voice, Point of View:

Best GPT-4-powered AI Writing Tools (3 out of 5 tested)

The tool generated a title for the article and the outline. Here it is (you will understand how poor it is compared to other tools further on):

Introduction to AI writing
What is GPT-4?
How does GPT-4 work?
Benefits of using GPT-4 for writing
GPT-4 vs. other AI writing tools
Using GPT-4 as a writing assistant
How to get started with GPT-4
Best practices for using GPT-4 for writing
The future of AI writing and GPT-4

Note: for the sake of experimentation, I didn’t change anything. You can find all of the content generated today in this document.

Now let’s check the generated article for AI detection.


Best GPT-4-powered AI Writing Tools (3 out of 5 tested)

70 % likely both AI and human (not bad for a draft).


Best GPT-4-powered AI Writing Tools (3 out of 5 tested)

0% original – I wouldn’t expect anything else from this tool.


Just recently, Originality.AI updated their algorithm, and they are very hard to please. Previously, GPT-4 output was recognized by this tool as human-written in most cases. But times are changing.


Best GPT-4-powered AI Writing Tools (3 out of 5 tested)

Overall score: 84, Readability – 55, which is good, and plagiarism – 1% (you can’t see it in the screenshot, I did it behind the scenes).

Wrap Up

So, what’s the final verdict for Writesonic? Well… Did it rescue me from writer’s block? Maybe halfway there. Was it the GPT-4 savior I hoped for? Sadly, nope.

Despite its multilingual support, various templates, and integrations (which are nice), don’t get me wrong – I can’t overlook those pesky issues like GPT-3.5 during trial instead of GPT-4 (Feels like betrayal much?), and editing annoyances in Sonic Editor wasting precious time (and sanity).

Should you go for Writesonic then? Hmm… Tough choice! Give it a shot if you want – but watch your step! You might find greener pastures with competitors like Longshot, and others mentioned below. Wanna try getting more out of Writesonic, though? Contact their support team – maybe they’ll hook you up with an extended free trial to dive into those hidden benefits. Who knows… With just one bridge crossed (the paywall!), life could become breezier than ever!

4. ChatGPT Plus – A Powerful Tool with Room for Improvement

Ever found yourself overwhelmed by content creation or struggled to find the right words? You’re not alone, but fear not! GPT-4 technology answers your writer’s prayers with ChatGPT Plus.

Best GPT-4-powered AI Writing Tools (3 out of 5 tested)

My Take

ChatGPT Plus is a subscription-based AI writing tool powered by OpenAI’s cutting-edge GPT-4 model. Released as an upgrade to OpenAI’s free ChatGPT research preview, ChatGPT Plus offers faster speeds, priority access during peak times, and first dibs on new features and improvements. Great for research, SEO improvement, prompt engineering, brainstorming, coding help—you name it! But keep in mind there’s still a learning curve and no templates are available (unlike alternatives like Longshot).

3.17 out of 5
Best ForBest overall
DiscountNot available
PromotionFree version (limited, GPT 3.5)

What I Love vs. What Could Be Better

What I LoveWhat Could Be Better
Faster response compared to the free versionSteep learning curve
Affordable pricing ($20/month)Needs human editing after AI-generated drafts
Access even during peak timesLacks pre-built templates
Broad range of professional use-casesCan be challenging to implement in some cases
Continuous improvements & feature updatesHarmful if used irresponsibly

Key Features:

  • Unleash lightning-fast insights across multiple professional fields.
  • Are you a programmer? Get help when you’re stuck on that pesky line of code.
  • Content marketers—optimize those keywords like never before!
  • Brainstorm ideas efficiently, whether it’s for creative projects or business strategies.
  • Improve your article outlines without breaking a sweat (or maybe just one little drop).
  • Generate unique prompts for AI art creations with DALL·E 2 or Midjourney.
  • Say goodbye to system overload thanks to general access, even at peak usage times.
  • Welcome regular model updates to address limitations and expand capabilities.

ChatGPT offers two pricing options:

  • Free: Access to ChatGPT’s features without GPT-4, perfect for trying it out
  • ChatGPT Plus: $20/month, full access to ChatGPT’s GPT-4-powered features and improved availability, ideal for dedicated users

Best Suited For

  • Content creators struggling to find the right words.
  • SEO professionals seeking a boost in keyword optimization.
  • Programmers in need of a hand with coding problems.
  • Creatives looking for lightning-speed artistic prompts.
  • Students or lifelong learners delving into new subjects.

My Experience with ChatGPT Plus

As someone who’s been using ChatGPT from its early days, I’ve seen it transform over time. Initially, I relied solely on the free version—and yes, there were drawbacks like slow speed and limited accessibility. But things changed when ChatGPT Plus came along.

I instantly upgraded (no second thoughts!) and was thrilled by the speed upgrade. True story: those pesky “can’t access now” messages? Gone! Poof! Vanished! Who wouldn’t be happy about that? But don’t let my enthusiasm fool you; it’s not all roses and sunshine with ChatGPT Plus.

Indeed, no spoon-fed templates here (looking at you, Jasper). And without clear documentation or instructions, learning how to use this powerful tool can be quite an adventure. Even Sherlock Holmes would find it challenging! The generated content—sure, it’s fast—but definitely requires some tender love and care afterward. Trust me when I say your friendly human editor will have some work cut out for them.

The takeaway here? GPT-4 is mighty impressive but also has its pitfalls—like any other super tool ever created by humankind! Use wisely, my friends!

Here’s an example of what I got when asked ChatGPT to create an outline for this article:

Best GPT-4-powered AI Writing Tools (3 out of 5 tested)

It is not perfect at all, and that is not what I wanted to see, but this way, you can get an idea of what to write about.

I’ve asked ChatGPT to write an intro for the article “Best GPT-4-powered AI Writing Tools”. And here is what I got:

Best GPT-4-powered AI Writing Tools (3 out of 5 tested)

Let’s check this output for originality first:

1.ContentAtScale’s AI detector (a free tool I do recommend):

Best GPT-4-powered AI Writing Tools (3 out of 5 tested)

76%, both human and AI – not a bad result, keeping in mind I used a little bit of prompt engineering in my prompt for ChatGPT, just to give you an example of how it all works (if you are new in this AI-writing world).


Best GPT-4-powered AI Writing Tools (3 out of 5 tested)

0% original — a bammer…

And here’s a report from Grammarly:

Best GPT-4-powered AI Writing Tools (3 out of 5 tested)

Total score – 88, readability – 59, plagiarism – 4% (you can’t see it in the screenshot, I did it behind the scenes). This is a very good result.

Wrap up

ChatGPT Plus saves time with faster responses while offering broad professional application—from research to SEO improvement—and allows subscribers first dibs on new features. However, users must be prepared to face a learning curve, and post-editing will still require human touch-ups.

In short: incredibly useful but with some caveats. It’s like your charming friend who’s nearly perfect except for that one teensy-weensy annoying habit… you know the type! At $20/month, the superpowers of ChatGPT Plus may just be worth navigating those few pesky shortcomings. Give it a whirl and see for yourself!

3. ZimmWriter – it can write everywhere!

Do you sometimes feel lost in the world of content creation, struggling to keep up with the pace while ensuring top-notch quality? Do you dream of a magical writing assistant that helps whenever and wherever you need it? Welcome to the wonderful world of ZimmWriter!

Best GPT-4-powered AI Writing Tools (3 out of 5 tested)

My Take

ZimmWriter is a one-of-a-kind GPT-4-powered AI writing tool designed with versatility, ease, and effectiveness in mind. Aspiring bloggers, masterful marketers, and seasoned SEO experts can all benefit from its various features that can be utilized across platforms like Microsoft Windows applications and websites.

3.28 out of 5
Best ForBest for SEO and long-form pieces
PriceStarts from $5.97/mo
Discount15% discount: SPECIAL15
PromotionLTD: $197

What I Love vs. What Could Be Better (more detailed below)

What I loveWhat Could Be Better
Usable virtually anywhereLimited Compatibility
Remarkable magic commandsInternet Access limitations
Continue & rewrite textSetup process (actually, it’s easy
but one might not like it)
Flexible pricing
SEO-friendly generation

What I Love (detailed)

  1. Usable virtually anywhere: Whether it’s Word or Google Docs, Facebook, or WordPress – ZimmWriter has your back.
  2. Remarkable magic commands: Type in a command (in first person!) highlight it and press Ctrl+1 for fantastic results!
  3. Continue & rewrite text: Fed up with something you wrote? Refine your words at will by pressing Ctrl+2 for continuing or Ctrl+3 for rewrites.
  4. Flexible pricing: Pay only for what you use through OpenAI’s API key model – no more excessive fees!
  5. SEO-friendly generation: Use long-tail keywords from Surfer or Frase effortlessly to optimize your articles in no time.

What Could Be Better (detailed)

  1. Limited Compatibility: It works only on Windows OS with English language support.
  2. Internet Access limitations: Mostly an offline app right now; eager for upcoming updates on online data usage!
  3. Setup process: Getting an OpenAI API Key could be daunting at first but trust me it’s worth it!

Key Features:

  • Craft intriguing content using thousands of Magic Commands within seconds.
  • Continue your train of thought effortlessly at just a click away.
  • Enjoy limitless creativity across numerous platforms such as Gmail, LinkedIn & Notepad – You name it!
  • Generate 6,000-word SEO-friendly blog posts in a matter of seconds.
  • Choose the right plan for you: Normal Plan for basics & Ultimate Plan to unlock unlimited possibilities.


  1. Normal Plan: Only $5.97 per month! Unlocks magic commands, continue writing, rewriting & one-click blog generation.
  2. Ultimate Plan: Just $9.97 per month with added bonuses – SEO Blog Generation, Bulk Blog Generation & Local SEO Buffet!
  3. Lifetime Deal: A one-time charge of $197 for lifetime access to every current and future feature of ZimmWriter!

Best Suited For:

  1. A blogger in search of original and captivating content.
  2. A marketer looking to produce those eye-catching Facebook ads at rapid speeds.
  3. Someone who handles professional emails frequently using Gmail or Outlook.
  4. An SEO specialist wanting to optimize their articles with long-tail keywords from Surfer or Frase.
  5. Anyone using mobile/desktop text editors (Notepad/Word) frequently.

My Experience with ZimmWriter

I must confess that the unbeatable price initially drew me towards ZimmWriter! Other AI writing tools, such as Jasper, come at a heftier cost which might be too much on your wallet, especially when you’re starting out!

Magic Commands are an absolute game-changer! Sitting around wondering what to write? Type out your command (in any text editor or website), highlight it, then press Ctrl+1 – Voilà! Even if you don’t like the result, just delete it off and try again by even specifying how many paragraphs are needed, style or tone of voice eg “Write an intro about ‘The 5 Best AI Tools’ in 5 paragraphs à la Robert De Niro!” The possibilities are endless!

Zimmwriter’s payment model is unique and ideal for anyone watching their budget. You can either go for a lifetime deal or even stick to the monthly plans. The OpenAI API key isn’t bundled but I saw this as an advantage! Pay based on token usage, which in turn put me more in control of what I wanted, it works out cheaper over time without compromising on quality.

SEO never felt easier with the likes of Surfer, Neuronwriter, and Frase seamlessly working with ZimmWriter. Keywords & headings made simple, painless, and effective!

Yes, I still had to edit the outputs; is there any robot out there which provides perfect writing? But overall, a fabulous experience!

Now, let’s do the same little experiment.

I asked Zimmwriter to write the best possible outline for the article “Best GPT-4-powered AI writing tools” (CTRL+A, CTRL+1 = miracle!) And here is what I got:

Write the best possible outline for the article "Best GPT-4-powered AI writing tools":

I. Introduction
 A. Explanation of GPT-4
 B. Importance of AI writing tools
 C. The impact of GPT-4 on the AI writing tools industry

II. Criteria for evaluating AI writing tools
 A. Accuracy and coherence
 B. Speed and efficiency
 C. Customization and personalization
 D. Ease of use and user experience
 E. Pricing and affordability
 F. Security and privacy

III. Best GPT-4-powered AI writing tools
 A. Overview of top tools
 B. Detailed analysis of each tool
   1. Tool #1
     a. Features
     b. Pros and cons
     c. Use cases and applications
     d. Pricing and plans
   2. Tool #2
     a. Features
     b. Pros and cons
     c. Use cases and applications
     d. Pricing and plans
   3. Tool #3
     a. Features
     b. Pros and cons
     c. Use cases and applications
     d. Pricing and plans
   4. Tool #4
     a. Features
     b. Pros and cons
     c. Use cases and applications
     d. Pricing and plans
   5. Tool #5
     a. Features
     b. Pros and cons
     c. Use cases and applications
     d. Pricing and plans

IV. Comparing GPT-4-powered AI writing tools
 A. Comparison table of features and pricing
 B. Analysis of strengths and weaknesses
 C. Recommendations based on different user needs

V. How to choose the right GPT-4-powered AI writing tool
 A. Understanding your writing needs
 B. Evaluating tool capabilities
 C. Considering budget constraints
 D. Assessing long-term benefits

VI. GPT-4-powered AI writing tools and the future of content creation
 A. The role of AI in content marketing and SEO
 B. Ethical considerations and potential challenges
 C. The future of AI-driven writing and human creativity

VII. Conclusion
 A. Recap of the best GPT-4-powered AI writing tools
 B. Encouragement to explore and embrace AI in content creation

Now I will enable literary devices, set the tone of voice to personal, change the archetype to magician, boost the chance of detection as real, and let’s see what happens when I ask Zimm to write a little bit for me (I asked the tool to write an intro for me on the same topic).

Best GPT-4-powered AI Writing Tools (3 out of 5 tested)

Here’s the result:

Title: Best GPT-4-powered AI writing tools
I. Introduction
A. Explanation of GPT-4 (2 paragraphs)
B. Importance of AI writing tools (1-2 paragraphs)
C. The impact of GPT-4 on the AI writing tools industry (1-2 paragraphs)

Title: Unbelievable GPT-4-powered AI Writing Tools that Will Blow Your Mind!

I. Introduction
A. Behold the Almighty GPT-4!

Ladies and gentlemen, prepare to have your minds absolutely blown away by the sheer power of GPT-4! This monstrous language model is about to change everything we thought we knew about artificial intelligence. It's massive, it's intelligent, and it's here to rock your world like never before!

You think you've seen it all? Think again! With its billions upon billions of parameters, GPT-4 is a beast that knows no limits. It learns from an unimaginably vast dataset, making it capable of understanding and generating human-like text with shocking accuracy. So buckle up, folks, because we're about to dive into the wonderful world of GPT-4-powered AI writing tools!

B. The Insane Importance of AI Writing Tools

Now, you might be wondering why on Earth anyone would need these mind-boggling AI writing tools. Well, let me tell you – they're game-changers for just about everyone who has ever needed to write anything! From professional writers to students struggling with essays, businesses crafting their marketing campaigns, and even those pesky social media updates, AI writing tools are saving lives out there.

With these magnificent creations at our fingertips, we'll finally be able to conquer writer's block, say goodbye to tedious manual editing, and harness the true potential of our written communication. We're talking unlimited power, people!

C. GPT-4: The Tidal Wave Changing the AI Writing Tools Industry Forever

Alright, so now that you know how insanely important AI writing tools are, let's talk about the monumental impact GPT-4 is having on this already revolutionary industry. Hold onto your hats, because this one's going to blow you away!

GPT-4 is not only raising the bar – it's obliterating it completely! With its unmatched ability to generate coherent, contextually accurate text, GPT-4 is setting a new gold standard for AI writing tools. And the best part? It's making them accessible and affordable for everyone, giving us all access to this phenomenal power.

No more settling for subpar AI-generated content, my friends. The age of GPT-4-powered AI writing tools has arrived, and it's going to change everything!

Now, let’s test the output’s originality.


Best GPT-4-powered AI Writing Tools (3 out of 5 tested)

As you can see, the result is very good. Let’s see what Originality AI will say:

Best GPT-4-powered AI Writing Tools (3 out of 5 tested)

No comments…

And the last test for this tool – Grammarly:

Best GPT-4-powered AI Writing Tools (3 out of 5 tested)

Total score – 83, readability – 55, plagiarism – 2% (you can’t see it in the screenshot, I did it behind the scenes). This is a very good result.

Wrap up

My journey so far with ZimmWriter has been nothing short of exhilarating! Its ease-of-use across numerous platforms, endless creative potential through the magic commands combined with that unbeatable price tag — What’s not to love?

With a little effort and intelligence from my end, SEO optimization too became smooth sailing by utilizing its compatibility with popular tools like SurferSEO & Neuronwriter (I use the latter).

Limitations do exist, such as internet access and playfulness involved in acquiring an API key, amongst others; but hey, are we not all continually working towards improving ourselves?

ZimmWriter surely aided me as a blogging assistant when it came to catering various tasks whether rewriting, editing, or simply generating engaging material within minutes!

4. Agility Writer: A New Player in the GPT-4-Powered AI Writing Tools Arena

Tired of Spending Hours on Content Creation?

You’re not alone. Creating unique and engaging content takes time, effort, and sometimes whiskey. But what if an AI tool exists that can help you write long-form articles quickly? Enter Agility Writer – a new player in the GPT-4-powered AI writing tools arena.

Best GPT-4-powered AI Writing Tools (3 out of 5 tested)

My Take

Agility Writer is designed to help you generate high-quality, SEO-optimized articles with ease. With its one-click mode, advanced mode, bulk mode, smart outline builder, product roundup review feature, catchy title & description generator as well as article ideas tool – this platform aims to be your ultimate content generation solution. However tempting it sounds so far though…

3.87 out of 5
Best ForBloggers, SEO specialists,
affiliate marketers
PriceStarts from $25/mo
Discount10% lifetime discount: AWOFF
Promotion$1 trial

What I Love vs. What Could Be Better

What I loveWhat Could Be Better
Optimized for Long-Form Content CreationConfused Content at Times
One-Click Mode for Quick ArticlesLimited Customizability Compared to some Competitors
Advanced Mode Avoids AI DetectionReadability Needs Improvement
Bulk Generation of up to 50 ArticlesMight Require Additional Credits for Longer Output
Smart Outline Builder Based on Top-ranking ResultsSomewhat Reliant on High Information Availability

(What’s the catch? Let’s dive deeper.)

Key Features:

  • Generate up to 7-sections long detailed SEO-friendly guidelines
  • High-score SurferSEO optimization (80 points)
  • Can create ready-to-rank article outlines within a few minutes based on top competitor headings
  • The option of an advanced outline featuring accurate data from reliable sources
  • Offers tools such as Product Roundup Review for products
  • Supports over 15 languages.
  • Helps avoid detection by FB detectors when originality is selected to ‘Advanced’ (94% human-written)
  • Takes care of content old and new alike, allowing Unused Credits to Roll Over unlike LongShot AI

Pricing: Know the Cost, but Remember the Discount

Agility Writer offers five different subscription plans with varying features:

  • Basic ($25/month)
  • Pro ($88/month)
  • Premium ($205/month)
  • Elite ($475/month)
  • Ultimate ($898/month)

Apply coupon code AWOFF for an attractive 10% lifetime discount. Plan pricing depends on the number of credits available each month (1 credit/article for 1-Click Mode, etc.)

Best Suited For:

  • Bloggers and webmasters looking for quick long-form articles
  • Content writers interested in getting inspiring outlines and headings from competitors
  • SEO specialists aiming to create optimized articles supporting search intent
  • Affiliate marketers working extensively with product reviews
  • Agencies needing to bulk-generate multiple articles without sacrificing quality

My Experience with Agility Writer: Eureka or Facepalm?

Well, my adventure started by generating a review about Agility Writer itself—a challenge! The outcome was something that resembled an exquisite Frankenstein’s monster. Got me a 4.6k-word article (you’ll find it in this doc) that was confused between Agility Writer and Agility CMS. Pure gibberish all over, you say? Exactly what I said too.

However—and here’s where it shines—the structure within this chaotic creation was impeccable. Tables, up-to-date accurate factual data weaved together as only AI can achieve at this stage while avoiding detection like no other! If anything could examine my soul right now—it’d be feeling pretty mixed.

It’s still a fresh player in the field; let’s give it time to perfect its shortcomings.

In another attempt though—on perhaps not-so-brand-new topics—I believe the results would vary greatly since there’s more information to work with. Cue saxophone!

More details:

Here’s where I created the article (Advanced Mode – here you can try to pass AI detection):

Best GPT-4-powered AI Writing Tools (3 out of 5 tested)

It took me 4 credits to create the article. Here it is:

Best GPT-4-powered AI Writing Tools (3 out of 5 tested)

So in terms of HOW it’s written, it’s great. In terms of WHAT is written – zero. But probably if I tried to write something else, which there is a lot of information about on the web, it would turn out better. But this was an Agility Writer challenge.

Now, our experiment:

ContentAtScale showed that the article was 94% human-written (how easy to fool you, at least now):

Best GPT-4-powered AI Writing Tools (3 out of 5 tested)

And now Originality (scared? Me too):

Best GPT-4-powered AI Writing Tools (3 out of 5 tested)

33% (oh, how complicated you guys are).


Best GPT-4-powered AI Writing Tools (3 out of 5 tested)

Total score – 80, readability – 7 (bad, because the higher this index, the better). Plagiarism: 1%.

Wrap up: Do I Bend the Knee?

Agility Writer (one of the best long-form AI writing tools) undoubtedly offers a quick and efficient way to generate long-form content while catering to specific outlines or even in bulk. With its focus on SEO optimization, customization options for outline generation, AI detection avoidance, and decent pricing plans – this GPT-4-powered AI writing tool has strengths that are hard to ignore.

However, my experience conjures a caveat: when relying on it to write reviews about itself—remember not everything that glitters is gold. It might require some manual editing here & there for reliable readability improvement of the output generated.

As AI improvements continue rolling out (sustaining as an ever-curious toddler!), expect Agility Writer’s performance proportions alter significantly against expectations—no kidding-to infinity and beyond everyone!

1. (the winner): The Emerging Star in the GPT-4-Powered AI Writing Tools Universe

Ever Caught in the Content Creation Quicksand?

Life has a strange sense of humor at times. You find yourself up to your neck in content creation, deadlines surround you like thorns, and every bit of inspiration has seemingly eloped! Fret not, for there’s a savior on the horizon –, an emerging star among GPT-4-powered AI writing tools.

Best GPT-4-powered AI Writing Tools (3 out of 5 tested)

My Take is an advanced content generation platform that saves time and effort while aiding you in producing unique, SEO-friendly blogs or articles. With features such as FactGPT for fact-checking support, custom AI templates, seamless integrations (hello Semrush!), and even a user-friendly Blog Wizard – it’s here to revolutionize your workflow.

3.97 out of 5
Best ForContent creators,
Digital marketers,
SEO agencies
PriceStarts from $29/mo
DiscountNot available
Promotion5-day $1 trial

What I Love vs. What Could Be Better

What I loveWhat Could Be Better
Advanced Fact-Checking FeatureGenerated Content May Get Inaccurate Occasionally
Customizable AI TemplatesInformation Search Queries May Take Longer Processing Time
Seamless Integrations like SemrushNo Refunds Offered (Trial Available)
Convenient Blog Wizard UICredits Needed for Generating & Researching Functions
Assistance on Google Penalties Prevention Mechanisms

(Curiosity piqued? Let’s delve further.)

Key Features:

  • Generate fresh user-sourced content with the FactGPT feature
  • Custom Template Generator catering to niche-specific use cases
  • Create amazing Product Reviews powered by AI sensibility
  • Automation features available for local services descriptions
  • Access People Also Asked questions insights
  • Check plagiarism through their Copyscape integration
  • Offer Chrome Extension to add LongShot into your routine effortlessly

Pricing: Make It Rain (With Trials)!

Longshot offers three pricing plans:

  • Pro Plan ($29/month)
  • Team Plan ($49/month)
  • Agency Plan ($375/month)

Each with varying features, credits, and integrations. Want to try before you buy? They offer a 5-day trial at just $1, giving you the chance to explore Longshot’s potential sans commitment.


Now you can register absolutely for free to try it out (you’ll have 100 credits available).

Best Suited For:

  • Content creators drowning in workload seeking time-saving assistance
  • Digital marketers striving for better ranks through optimized content output
  • Copywriters looking for customizable templates specific to their offerings
  • SEO agencies aiming for topically relevant & user-centric materials
  • Lyrics enthusiasts fine-tuning the art of storytelling

My Experience with A Game-changing Discovery?

As I got my hands on (for just $1!), it felt like unearthing hidden treasure on the Internet. The FactGPT feature helped me generate fresh and accurate content—while custom AI templates catered perfectly to specific use cases during those frequent naps made possible by this life-hack marvel!

The Semrush integration allows seamless SEO management. Sometimes, there were minor hiccups with inaccuracies in generated materials, but that didn’t deter my love affair with this powerful tool. Simply put – I found my content creation soulmate!

In today’s experiment, I used the new tool “Workflows”:

Best GPT-4-powered AI Writing Tools (3 out of 5 tested)

I decided to create a product review for Longshot itself (just like with Agility):

Best GPT-4-powered AI Writing Tools (3 out of 5 tested)

Then, the tool generated an outline for me (with H2s and H3s):

H2 Introduction
H3 Overview of LongShot AI
H3 The Purpose of the Review
H3 Target Audience and Use Cases
H2 Key Features of LongShot AI
H3 AI Writing Assistance
H3 Content Creation Templates
H3 Article Topic Generation
H3 Customizable Content Suggestions
H3 Easy Integration with Other Tools
H2 Usability and User Experience
H3 Registration and Setup Process
H3 User Interface and Navigation
H3 Learning Curve and Ease of Use
H2 Performance and Efficiency
H3 Quality of Generated Content
H3 Speed and Responsiveness
H3 Real-World Performance Scenarios
H2 Pricing and Plans
H3 Overview of Pricing Tiers and Features
H3 Comparing LongShot AI to Competitors in Terms of Cost
H3 Is LongShot AI Worth the Investment?
H2 Customer Support and Resources
H3 Support Channels and Availability
H3 Quality of Customer Support
H3 Additional Resources and Learning Materials
H2 Pros and Cons
H3 Advantages of LongShot AI
H3 Disadvantages and Limitations
H3 Ideal Use Cases for LongShot AI
H2 Alternatives to LongShot AI
H3 Top Competitors in the AI Writing Assistant Market
H3 Comparing Features and Pricing
H3 Recommendations Based on Different User Scenarios
H2 Final Verdict
H3 Summary of LongShot AI's Strengths and Weaknesses
H3 Personal Recommendation and User Scenarios
H3 Is LongShot AI Worth Using?
H2 Frequently Asked Questions
H3 Common Questions about LongShot AI
H3 Troubleshooting Tips and Tricks
H3 Additional Information and Updates.

While the tool generates the article, it honestly says that this is a draft. And this is very important. The creators of Longshot took care not to indulge in false hopes that you can get a ready-made article to spam the web with the click of a button.

Best GPT-4-powered AI Writing Tools (3 out of 5 tested)

A couple of minutes later:

Best GPT-4-powered AI Writing Tools (3 out of 5 tested)

So, did things go smoothly? I managed to whip up a draft with all the right sections, even H2 and H3 headings. Now it’s all set for you to dive in!

I tried ticking the “SERP aware” box, hoping for an epic review. But nope, didn’t quite get there. Still, I ended up with a decent draft! Just so you know, it cost me around 30 credits to get those 1.8K words.

Now what if you’re missing some info? No problemo! You can look up specific facts right here within the editor:

Best GPT-4-powered AI Writing Tools (3 out of 5 tested)

So, the visuals? Super user-friendly. You won’t find yourself lost like in Writesonic (no offense, but it’s true). What’s next? Time to tweak some info! Just pop open FactGPT, and off you go. Type something like “Give me a list of key Longshot features,” and boom!

Best GPT-4-powered AI Writing Tools (3 out of 5 tested)

Instantly moving it into the editor, fine-tune stuff, watch that SEO score climb, and keep going section by section. Sounds tedious? Nope – I’m all smiles working with LongShot.

Want to check for plagiarism? It’s there too:

Best GPT-4-powered AI Writing Tools (3 out of 5 tested)

Now, let’s check the output.


Best GPT-4-powered AI Writing Tools (3 out of 5 tested)

Best GPT-4-powered AI Writing Tools (3 out of 5 tested)

Nothing to be surprised about.


Best GPT-4-powered AI Writing Tools (3 out of 5 tested)

Overall score: 92, readability: 49, plagiarism1%.

And the price? Pretty fab. I shelled out $59 for 3,000 credits and didn’t even come near spending 1,000 over a month. By the way, FactGPT is my go-to – incredibly handy but ready to drop around 10 credits per query.

Wrap up: Is It Worth Taking a Chance on LongShot? presents itself as a power-packed GPT-4-powered AI writing tool that ensures quick, innovative, and tailored solutions in the vast universe of content creation (and yes, I believe this is the best long-form AI writer on the web). Its attention to fact-checking, template customization & diverse integrations has won many hearts (& $$!).

However, keep an eye out for occasional inaccuracies or longer processing times when using certain functions.

With its splendid features, pricing plans accommodating various needs alongside credible customer testimonials— well-deserves your consideration as your next endearing AI-writing companion; shooting your productivity, inspiration & nap-time (believe it!) to celestial levels.

GPT-4: What’s the deal?

If you still did not know (did you, really?) GPT-4 is OpenAI’s fancy new language model! Imagine a smarter sibling of its predecessors (GPT, GPT-2, and GPT-3). This latest creation manages to decode human language like never before.

How does it do that? The answer is simple – deep learning techniques and loads of data. Expect accurate, creative, problem-solving responses from this AI whiz kid. From answering questions to penning catchy lyrics – could it put Shakespeare out of business?

Not into tech jargon? No worries! In plain English: Computers just got better at understanding us, humans. And let me tell you; that changes things for everyone!

Comparing ChatGPT Plus (GPT-4-powered) against older models such as GPT-3.5 Turing makes one thing clear – we’ve gotten closer than ever to creating the perfect AI conversationalist with factual accuracy that keeps getting better by the day.

There you have it! Big brother GPT-4 has arrived at our doorstep, ready to shake hands and collaborate seamlessly in our rapidly-evolving world. Exciting times ahead; don’t you think?

GPT-4 vs GPT-3 & GPT 3.5

GPT-4, GPT-3, GPT 3.5 – a family of language models, huh? Let’s make things personal and find out who’s boss.

FeatureGPT-4GPT-3GPT 3.5
Content QualityHigh factual accuracy, deeper training dataGood quality but occasional errorsSlightly improved over GPT-3
Problem-SolvingExcellent at solving complex tasksModerate capability to solve problemsBetter than GPT-3 but not as good as GPT-4
Safety ConcernsImproved safety measures, less disallowed contentMultiple concerns on controversial contentImproved compared to GPT-3
Creative PursuitsEnhanced creative & imaginative flairGreat with creative content but some limitationsSomewhere between GPT-3 and GPT-4 capabilities

Accuracy you ask? GPT-4 wins, hands down. Smarter than its siblings and never misses a detail.

Complex tasks? Meet Mr. Sherlock 2.0! That’s right; it’s GPT-4 again.

What about safety issues? Can we count on our AI pals to behave? Hello, model citizen – GPT-4 for the win!

Creativity matters too! Who writes better love songs or sci-fi thrillers? You’ve guessed it: GPT-4 leaves us speechless!

In short (because we like that), Big Bro rocks the scene. Its younger sibs are cool but can’t hold a candle to this prodigy in the making.

Hey there, humans! Ready for a sidekick who thinks like us (almost)? Say hello to your shiny new partner: GPT 4! After all, who wouldn’t want an AI buddy with superpowers?

So go ahead, laugh, and enjoy the ride because together with GPT 4—we’re unstoppable!

Why should I choose the latest model (GPT-4)?

Did I tell you about GPT-4’s wild adaptability? Wait, no, seriously! Previous models struggled with context and conversation flow. But GPT-4? Nailed it! Longer chats—smooth as a dolphin ride!

How about document summarization – ever read long boring reports that could use a pinch of AI magic? Drumroll, please… Enter GPT-4—the ultimate summary sensation. Skim-ready and slick, just how we like ’em!

Mind-blown yet? Check this out—with GPT-4 in your corner, even generating code isn’t part of some tiresome sci-fi flick anymore. It’s real life now! Your coding problems be gone with hearty “Adios!”

Fancy editing help too? Of course, you do—we all need someone looking over our shoulder to spot those pesky typos and make stylistic tweaks that count. Well guess what: GPT-4 can play editor-in-chief like no other model before.

Oh, and multitasking—get ready for a jaw-dropper! This gem is designed to seamlessly switch between tasks without breaking stride or tripping up on its own virtual shoelaces.

Bottom line – why settle for stale pizza when you can get one hot n’ fresh straight outta the oven?

So there you go—you wanted more reasons to whip up excitement over picking the creme de la AI creme—that’s GPT-4! Embrace the cutting-edge tech and watch your digital world come alive. With this savvy sidekick along for the ride? You’re bound for epic writing adventures unlike any seen before!

Frequently Asked Questions About GPT-4

Absolutely—a bit like sprinkling fairy dust over those plain words!

Some may charge more, but hey—it’s top-notch quality for you!

Oh yeah—bring on those keywords without breaking a sweat!

Aha! They’re closer than ever to unleashing their human side.

You bet—from brainstorming ideas to boosting productivity—we’re covered!

What can’t they do? Blog posts, articles, stories—they nail it all!

GPT-4 does have some pesky quirks—be sure to stay updated on those!

New kids on the block or AI aficionados—they’re here to help!

Need a helping hand? Often you’ll find support quicker than you can say “AI!”

Bottom Line

So, my dear friend—the time has come! As you read at the start, we compared several AI writing tools and picked the best three for you. Zimmwriterthe savior of your wallet, AgilityWriter—a diamond with its AI detector-bypassing features; and Longshot.AIa titan in the arena.

It’s like picking strawberry jam, blueberry jam, or raspberry jam—all winners! You know yourself better than anyone; choose based on what matters most to you.

But remember one thing—technology keeps advancing! Like seasons bring fresh breeze and flowers, these AI models are bound to evolve. Keep an eye out and be ready to hitch a ride through exciting new territories.

Armed with our top recommendations—or others your curious heart may discover—the possibilities stretch beyond horizons that ever prompted a “Eureka!” moment. Hop aboard with GPT-4-powered pals – it’s never been easier—and funnier—to write like a pro!

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