Use my original copywriting framework: HOPES

Hey there, I’m Alex Kosch. As an AI copywriter, I’ve written countless pieces of content over the last few months. And let me tell you — captivating an audience is no easy task!

I’ve battled writer’s block and churned out robotic drivel that couldn’t grab attention if you wrapped it in flashing neon lights.

But through plenty of hard lessons and perseverance, I’ve discovered what really makes copy convert: connecting with your readers’ core desires and pains.

See, people don’t care about features or clever writing for its own sake. They care about how your solution can improve their lives.

That’s why I’m so passionate about sharing the HOPES copywriting formula with you today. You can use it to create high-converting copy across e-commerce sites, landing pages, email sequences, and more.


I created this copywriting framework myself. And it’s one of many that you can read about here.

This proven framework helps you quickly:

  • Seize readers’ attention
  • Empathize with their struggles
  • Show them how you can help
  • Guide them smoothly towards a conversion

In this guide, you’ll discover:

  • What the HOPES framework entails
  • When and why it’s so effective
  • Tips to implement it successfully, especially when working with AI
  • How to blend HOPES with complementary formulas
  • Vivid examples of HOPES copy for diverse niches
  • My best practices for writing authentic, emotional copy with HOPES

By the end, you’ll have an actionable blueprint to craft copy that truly resonates with your readers and compels them to convert.

And that’s not all. You’ll also get two bonuses by the end of the article — so stay tuned!

So let’s dive in!

What Is The HOPES Copywriting Framework?

HOPES is an acronym representing the key elements of high-converting copy:

Hook Obstacles Pain points End goals Solutions

This simple yet versatile formula enables you to quickly:

  • Grab attention
  • Connect with readers’ struggles
  • Demonstrate how you can help them reach their goals
  • Guide them to your solution

Here’s a breakdown of what each element involves:


The hook captures readers’ interest within the crucial first few seconds. Ask an intriguing question, share an interesting stat, or paint a vivid scenario.


Describe the struggles and pain points your audience faces regarding your offer. Build empathy by tapping into shared frustrations.

Pain Points

Explain the tangible negative impacts of those obstacles. Quantify the costs with stats. Make the reader nod and think “Yes, this is so relatable!”

End Goals

Share the desired future state once obstacles are overcome. Get readers envisioning and nodding along. Align with intrinsic motivators like freedom or confidence.


Present your product or service as the path to achieving those goals and resolving struggles. Provide social proof of results.

Used skillfully, these elements form an emotional narrative arc that resonates profoundly with readers. HOPES evolved from timeless storytelling structures – and good stories always connect with our inner hopes, fears and motivations.

Let’s look at some examples of HOPES in action across different niches:

HOPES Example 1: Software

Does your website feel like a ghost town, even after SEO? (Hook)

Like many business owners, you’ve probably invested time and money into SEO. But you still struggle to convert that newfound website traffic into leads and sales. (Obstacles)

Losing sales opportunities day after day is beyond frustrating. And you don’t have time to master digital marketing — your expertise is in your core business. (Pain points)

Imagine finally seeing a flood of hot, ready-to-convert leads coming in every day — without constantly worrying about marketing. Picture yourself focusing on the work you love while still growing your business. (End goals)

With [Software]’s done-for-you high-converting funnels, you can turn your website traffic into business breakthroughs. We combine proven sales funnels, expert copywriting, and done-for-you customer acquisition to help you profit from your hard-won SEO gains. (Solutions)

HOPES Example 2: Fashion/Apparel

Are you tired of lacking stylish clothes that actually fit your body comfortably? (Hook)

Like many women, you may struggle to find flattering, quality fashion catered to your curves. Standard sizes rarely match your shape. And trendy plus-size clothing is often poorly made, uncomfortable and unflattering. (Obstacles and pain points)

Imagine stepping out each day looking and feeling incredible in clothes made just for your body. Envision finally having a wardrobe you feel confident and beautiful in. (End goals)

[Brand] designs one-of-a-kind pieces made specifically for your curves. Our garments combine premium fabrics with an exclusive custom fit to help you look and feel your absolute best. Stand out with effortless style, unmatched comfort, and designs that celebrate your gorgeous shape. (Solutions)

HOPES Example 3: Finance

Are you sick of living paycheck to paycheck without a plan? (Hook)

Like many, perhaps you feel stuck in an endless loop of expenses that leave you little to save. You want to take control of your finances but aren’t sure where to begin. (Obstacles)

This cycle of financial stress keeps you up at night, erodes your peace of mind, and prevents you from reaching your goals. (Pain points)

Imagine finally having a proven plan to manage expenses, reduce debt, and grow your savings each month. Picture the comfort of financial stability and a bright future. (End goals)

[Service] provides time-tested budgeting methods, bill reduction strategies, and tailored coaching to help you gain control of your hard-earned money. With our step-by-step approach, you can finally break the paycheck to paycheck cycle and create lasting financial health. (Solutions)

As you can see from these examples, leading with the reader’s emotions and desires results in much stronger copy than just stating facts.

Now let’s dive into tips for skillfully executing each element of the framework.

Tips For Implementing HOPES Copywriting Framework Effectively

Like any technique, practicing HOPES is the path to excellence. But these tips will help you implement this copywriting formula smoothly like a pro:

Hook Tips

Go for an emotional gut punch. Ask a thought-provoking question related to frustrations or dreams. E.g. “Are you tired of negative thoughts sabotaging your happiness?”

Leverage the power of social proof. Share an intriguing statistic that makes the reader perk up. E.g. “Did you know the average shopping cart abandonment rate is 75%?”

Spark imagination. Use “imagine” to paint a vivid before/after scenario showing the transformation your offer can create.

Actionable Tip

Test different hook styles and lengths to see which grabs attention best without overshadowing later HOPES elements.

Obstacles Tips

Get specific. Reference granular frustrations and desires your reader is already familiar with.

Use “struggle with” language. Phrases like “have difficulty with” build empathy by capturing shared challenges.

Ask rhetorical questions. E.g. “Are you tired of complex software that’s hard to use?”

Actionable Tip

Study your audience to uncover precise emotional obstacles. Customer research and feedback are goldmines for insights.

Pain Points Tips

Quantify with stats. Attach concrete numbers and data to pain points to make them vivid and visceral.

Use analogies and metaphors. Compare to sensory experiences the reader instantly understands. E.g. “It’s like driving with the parking brake on.”

List effects as short bullet points. Makes pain points scannable, consumable, and punchy.

Actionable Tip

Seek extremes when describing pain points – the costlier and more urgent, the better. But stay authentic.

End Goals Tips

Leverage sensory language. Help readers visualize and feel what achieving the goal is like. E.g. “Sinking into a soft mattress and drifting into a deep peaceful sleep each night.”

Describe an ideal future scenario. Use vivid before/after contrast to demonstrate the transformation.

Align with intrinsic motivators. Go beyond surface goals and tap into deeper needs like freedom, confidence, security, achievement, connection.

Actionable Tip

Draw heavily on “imagine” and “picture yourself” language to activate the reader’s imagination and get them emotionally invested.

Solutions Tips

Present your solution as the “natural next step”. Use phrases like “finally” and “at last” to show the relief readers will enjoy.

Share specific, tangible results and benefits. Don’t just describe features and functionality – convey the meaningful outcomes readers will gain.

Weave in social proof. Sprinkle in credible proof sources like testimonials, media mentions, certifications.

Actionable Tip

Avoid exaggeration and hype. Keep it real. Underpromise and overdeliver is better than the reverse.

Now let’s explore how AI can give your HOPES copywriting superpowers…

Level Up Your HOPES Copy With AI

I’ll admit — I’m pretty bullish on artificial intelligence’s potential to enhance copywriting. With the right human guidance, AI can seriously amplify the creative process.

Here are some of the key ways AI can help when implementing the HOPES copywriting framework:

AI-Assisted Brainstorming

Every writer faces the dreaded blank page sometimes. AI tools can help break through creative blocks and generate ideas for your HOPES copy.

For example, I’ve used ChatGPT to quickly brainstorm dozens of fresh hooks, obstacle angles, analogies, and other elements on command. This expands my creative possibilities exponentially.

Note: Now, I prefer Claude for this purpose.

Of course, human judgment is still needed to cherry pick the best ideas. But AI provides fertile raw material to refine.

Actionable Tip

Don’t be afraid to prompt AI tools to produce a high volume of ideas for each HOPES component. More clay to mold leads to better final copy.

Emotional Insights From Data

Understanding your audience’s emotions is vital for resonant HOPES copy. Advanced AI can digest data then derive psychological insights you can integrate.

For example, an AI analysis may reveal your fitness audience seeks achievement, discipline, and lifestyle freedom. You can then strategically reflect these motivators in your copy’s end goals and solutions.

Actionable Tip

Treat AI-generated insights as brainstorming fodder, not gospel. Always combine data with your own human empathy, judgement and knowledge of the reader.

Tone & Style Optimization

Dialing in the right tone and style is crucial when executing elements like the hook and working in pain points. I often use AI tools to A/B test different tones for maximum emotional impact.

For example, I may test 3 different hook variations in distinct tones — sincere, humorous, and dramatic — to see which best piques reader interest. 

Applied across HOPES elements, AI-assisted tone testing helps strike the right cords.

This is especially useful when writing copy tailored for different buyer personas. AI can rapidly generate customized copy blocks optimized for each persona’s unique emotional triggers.

Actionable Tip

When tone testing with AI, go beyond surface-level verbiage changes. Experiment with different sentence structures, lengths, imagery, and more for a truly distinct feel.

So, in summary, let AI turbocharge your creative workflow — don’t hand over the keys completely. With the right balance of human creativity and AI productivity, you can take the HOPES framework to new heights.

Next, let’s explore how to blend HOPES with complementary copywriting formulas for maximum impact.

Blending HOPES With Other Proven Frameworks

The HOPES copywriting framework is incredibly effective on its own. But combining it with other proven formulas can give your copy extra punch.

Here are some complementary story structures that mesh well with HOPES:

Problem Agitate Solve (PAS)

PAS doubles down on amplifying the reader’s pain points. Use it to add more urgency when elaborating on the “obstacles” and “pain points” portions of HOPES.

For example, you could follow your opening HOPES hook with PAS-style copy strongly emphasizing the costs and consequences of the reader’s struggles. Then progress into the hope-instilling HOPES goals and solutions.

This 1-2 emotional gut punch helps the solution shine even brighter by contrast to an intensely highlighted problem.

SAMPLE: HOPES + Problem Agitate Solve (PAS)

Do you wake up dreading another day of poor focus and distraction at work? (HOPES Hook)

Like many professionals, you may struggle to concentrate on important tasks. Your mind wanders constantly, making you feel overwhelmed and scattered. (PAS – Problem)

This Lack of focus derails your productivity. It prevents career advancement and erodes your confidence daily. (PAS – Agitate)

Imagine finally being able to zero in on key priorities with intense clarity. Picture the satisfaction of excelling at deep work and accomplishing your biggest goals. (HOPES End Goals)

The Focus Formula training program guides you through proven techniques to radically improve concentration. By leveraging the latest neuroscience research, we’ll help you overcome distraction and unlock a new level of mindset mastery. (HOPES Solutions)

Before After Bridge (BAB)

BAB focuses on clearly contrasting the reader’s unhappy “before” state with their improved “after” state post-purchase.

Integrating this into the HOPES structure can help vividly demonstrate how your solution transports readers from pain points to end goals.

You might describe the frustrating before state in the “obstacles” and “pain points” sections, then detail the envisioned after state when presenting your “end goals” and “solutions.”

SAMPLE: HOPES + Before After Bridge (BAB)

Are you sick of wearing glasses and contact lenses but nervous to get laser eye surgery? (HOPES Hook)

Like many people with vision problems, you may be hesitant about risks like infection, permanent damage or worsened vision after laser eye procedures. (HOPES Obstacles)

But consider this – after surgery, you’ll finally be free from the hassle of glasses fogging up and contacts drying out. Imagine waking up each morning being able to see clearly in an instant. (BAB Bridge)

With Eaglevision’s patented LASEK procedure, you can safely achieve crystal clear vision with minimal side effects. Patients experience improved vision within 24 hours. Nine out of ten say it was one of the best decisions of their lives. (HOPES Solutions)

Features Advantages Benefits (FAB)

FAB provides a great way to expand on the HOPES “solutions” section. Rather than dryly listing product features and specs, share meaningful real-world benefits and outcomes for the reader.

Help the reader truly imagine and feel what it’s like after adopting your solution. For example, how does it change their day-to-day life? What new positive emotions do they enjoy?

SAMPLE: HOPES + Features Advantages Benefits (FAB)

Want to grow your business but don’t know the first thing about marketing? (HOPES Hook)

Like many entrepreneurs, you may struggle to attract customers and implement effective marketing campaigns. (HOPES Obstacles)

Without proven marketing, growth feels impossible. You watch potential sales slip away daily. (HOPES Pain Points)

Imagine finally seeing a flood of qualified prospects excited about your business. Picture yourself focusing on the work you love while your marketing runs profitably on autopilot. (HOPES End Goals)

Biz Rocket’s done-for-you marketing funnels help turn website traffic into sales. Our copywriters create high-converting content proven to grabbed attention. And our funnel strategists will guide qualified prospects to become customers. (FAB Features)

This eliminates guesswork and provides guaranteed expert marketing tailored for your business. You can finally gain a clear competitive edge. (FAB Advantages)

The result? Explosive new customer growth and revenue in as little as 30 days. (FAB Benefits)

STAR Model

STAR (Situation – Task – Action – Result) tells a resonant story about your product/service in action. Integrating a compelling STAR sequence helps build rapport and humanize your brand.

For example, when presenting your HOPES solution, use STAR to walk through a case study style narrative demonstrating it excelling for someone just like the reader.

You don’t need to overload readers by cramming every formula into one piece of copy. Instead, strategically combine elements that complement and enhance each other.

For example, you might open with the HOPES hook, transition into PAS-style pain point amplification, then segue into your solutions using FAB + STAR.

Experiment with different combos and run split tests to see which sequences create the strongest end-to-end narrative arc. Analyze the data to guide your framework blending.

Just remember — frameworks exist to serve your readers, not rule over them. Resonating with the audience trumps rigidly adhering to any predetermined copywriting structure.


Are you exhausted by the endless chore of household clutter? (HOPES Hook)

Like many busy parents, you may constantly battle overwhelming clutter from the kids’ toys, school supplies, sports equipment and more. (HOPES Obstacles)

This daily visual distraction and chaos leaves you stressed out… (HOPES Pain Points)

Imagine finally having a clean, refreshing living space. Picture starting each day with a sense of calm and accomplishment as you sip your morning coffee in a tidy kitchen. (HOPES End Goals)

Let me tell you about Sandra, a mother of three we recently helped. (STAR Model Situation)

Despite constant tidying efforts, her home always spiraled back into disarray from the kids’ hectic schedules. (STAR Model Situation)

We implemented a customized home organization system designed specifically for her family’s needs. (STAR Model Task)

This included labeled storage bins, family cleanup times, decluttering schedules, and even a homework station to contain school project supplies. (STAR Model Action)

The result? Sandra is now able to effortlessly maintain order. She has finally achieved the clean, relaxed home environment she dreamed of. (STAR Model Result)

Our Home Harmony service provides affordable professional home organization tailored for your family. Let us help you conquer clutter and create a sanctuary. (HOPES Solutions)

My Top Tips For Writing Authentic, Emotional HOPES Copy

After writing countless HOPES-structured pages, emails, and ads, I’ve learned a few lessons about how to strike the right chords:

  • Know your reader deeply. Combine data with real conversations and interactions. Their struggles should feel personally familiar to you.
  • Tell a true story. Use your brand’s origin story. Share real wins and failures. Vulnerability forges connections.
  • Write like you speak. Use conversational language. Short, punchy phrases. Plain talk. Avoid buzzwords and hype.
  • Name emotions. Explicitly call out feelings like frustration, hope, anxiousness. Don’t make people guess — tell them.
  • Use “you” pronouns. Speak directly to the reader. Make it feel like a 1:1 conversation.
  • Be ruthlessly helpful. Craft every sentence to aid the reader and inch them towards their goals. Cut any fluff.
  • Have a tangible end vision. The “end goals” should be vivid and concrete — something the reader can see and feel achieving.
  • Admit it’s hard. Validate that the reader’s struggles are real and changes require work. Then show you’ll be their guide.
  • Have conviction. Know your solution will profoundly help the reader. Passion is contagious.
  • Tell stories. Anecdotes forge connections. Share origin stories, customer success stories, founder tales.
  • Simplify. Use short words and sentences whenever possible. Avoid jargon. Help readers instantly grasp concepts.
  • Be authentic. No exaggerations or gimmicks. Build trust by being transparent.
  • Appeal to identity. Align your solution with who the reader aspires to be – their ideal self-image.
  • Infuse hope. While acknowledging present pain points, convey hope for the future. Your solutions turn the page to a new chapter.

So in summary, master these strategies for crafting copy that truly resonates on a human level – the kind of copy capable of compelling action.

Now let’s tie this all together…

Wrap-Up: Start Writing Reader-Centric Copy With HOPES

If I had to sum up my most important lessons about the HOPES copywriting framework in a few key points, here they would be:

  • It works. This simple yet flexible formula consistently converts by grabbing attention, building empathy and clearly showing how you can guide readers from pain points to goals.
  • Go beyond facts. Feature dumps don’t compel action. Connect with readers’ inner hopes, struggles and motivations. Make it personal.
  • Blend it. Strategically combine HOPES with complementary formulas like PAS and FAB for added impact. Experiment to find the right sequences.
  • Take emotion seriously. Master the art of writing highly relatable copy.
  • Leverage AI thoughtfully. Let tools accelerate and enhance your creative process, not replace human empathy and judgement.
  • Test and optimize. Try different hook styles, pain point angles, offer positioning, etc. The data will show what really resonates.
  • Make it a conversation. Write like you’re speaking one-on-one with the reader. Short words, everyday language, helpful tone.
  • Have a clear vision. Paint a vivid before/after scenario showing how your solution transforms the reader’s world.
  • Admit it’s hard. Validate the reader’s frustrations. Then position yourself as the guide who will help them overcome obstacles.
  • Simplify. Avoid buzzwords. Use concise phrasing and short sentences to aid comprehension.
  • Be ruthlessly helpful. Craft every word to assist the reader and move them closer to their goals.
  • Tell true stories. Share your brand origin, customer stories, founder tales. Vulnerability builds trust.
  • Appeal to identity. Align your offer with the reader’s aspirational self-image – who they wish to become.
  • Name emotions. Explicitly identify feelings like hope, frustration, confidence. Don’t make readers guess.
  • Have conviction. Your passion will show. Let the reader see how profoundly your solution can improve their life.

So in closing, I hope these HOPES copywriting tips help you craft content that genuinely connects with readers and compels action. With practice, you too can master the art of highly relatable copywriting.

Just remember — it’s not about perfect grammar or clever turns of phrase. It’s about understanding your reader, stepping into their shoes, and using words to guide them to a better place.

If you master these core skills of empathy and clarity, your copy will resonate no matter which frameworks you use.

Now get out there, study your audience, and start writing copy that truly captures hearts and minds! I’m rooting for your success.

Promised Bonuses

Bonus #1

And now, as promised, I want to provide you with a bonus custom ChatGPT model I created specifically for generating content using the HOPES formula. 

You can access it here.

For best results, be sure to give this model specific instructions including the title, topic, context, and word count. The more detailed guidance you provide, the higher quality output it will generate.

I know you’re probably concerned about AI detection. Unfortunately, content from my custom model won’t pass as human-written…yet! 

But I have an AI humanizer tool that can help.

Before using my AI Humanizer, I highly recommend you read its instructions.

Here’s an example of how it works.

Let’s create a piece of content using the HOPES model:

Hook Readers Fast With The HOPES Copywriting Framework

Now, we’ll check this through (I’m pretty sure it will say the piece is 0% original):

Note is the best AI content detector I could find. Check my own research (yes, you get it right, the research — not a traditional listical article) on the best AI content detection tools.

Hook Readers Fast With The HOPES Copywriting Framework

Let’s pass it through the humanizer I created:

Hook Readers Fast With The HOPES Copywriting Framework

Checking originality:

Hook Readers Fast With The HOPES Copywriting Framework

As you can see, the humanizer significantly improved the originality score. Pretty neat, right?

Use and enjoy this HOPES content generator — just run the output through my humanizer to maximize originality.

Bonus #2

And for bonus #2, here is a prompt template you can use with other AI writing tools like Agilitywriter (yes, now it has custom instructions build in, too), Claude, and

Feel free to customize this for different tools and use cases. The key is providing clear HOPES framework instructions to produce structured copy tailored to your needs.

FAQ on Using HOPES Copywriting Formula

Which AI tools do you recommend for writing with the HOPES framework?

As an AI copywriter myself, I like to use ChatGPT and Claude for HOPES content creation. ChatGPT’s Custom Instructions help ensure the AI follows the structure. And Claude allows me to write at length without worrying about word limits. For high-volume HOPES content,’s and AgilityWriter’s custom templates streamline things.

What’s your experience been with

I couldn’t find a way to create templates in Jasper when I used it in the past, but things might have changed. It has robust AI copywriting features but seems more general purpose. Other tools are better fits for mass-producing structured copy like HOPES.

Is HOPES suitable for AI copywriting?

Absolutely — because it works! The clear emotional arc grabs attention and speaks directly to the reader’s needs. You can use HOPES to create highly converting copy across e-commerce, landing pages, emails, and more. The framework gives you a recipe while still allowing creativity.

Should I start using HOPES to write copy immediately?

Not so fast! I suggest really taking time to study the framework first and even trying to write some short HOPES copy yourself. Once it clicks, then start prompting your AI tools. Rushing into AI too quickly leads to lower-quality output. The human learning process is key.

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