Originality AI review

Listen up, content creators. You’re sweating over the originality of your content. You’re swiping through AI detection tools like ContentAtScale and maybe even mourned OpenAI’s now-defunct tool with its wave of false positives. You’re a soldier in the content battlefield, always on the lookout for landmines in the form of plagiarized or AI-generated text. I get you.

I’m an AI copywriter, and today’s meaty topic is Originality AI, specifically its upgraded version—Originality AI 2.0. If you’re like me, you want 95% of your content to be as human as your morning coffee ritual.

No jokes here. I am using the tool on a daily basis:

Originality AI Usage data

Originality AI isn’t just another AI detector; it’s the AI content detector. Keep your eyes peeled; you’ll want to know about this.

Originality AI at a glance:




My Take


Originality AI is built for speed. It scans content in a blink, giving you results on-the-fly.


Top-notch. Runs like a dream. No waiting around. This tool is all about quick results.


Customer service that’s always there to help. Got a question or issue? They’ve got you covered.


Stellar. Quick to resolve any hiccup. A+ for customer service.

AI Detection Accuracy

This tool can accurately identify if the content is AI-generated or human-written up to 95%.


Hits the mark at 95%. Trustworthy. It knows AI from human, most of the time.

GPT-4 Detection

Specifically designed to catch content generated by GPT-4, one of the most advanced AI models.


Stands at an 80% detection rate. Good, but room for a little improvement.

ChatGPT Detection

Exceptional at identifying content generated by ChatGPT.


A whopping 95%. Almost foolproof when it comes to ChatGPT.


Checks for copied content but may not be as comprehensive as specialized plagiarism tools.


Meh, room for improvement. It’s not the strongest suit, but it’s there.


Offers a pay-as-you-go option at $30 or a monthly subscription at $14.95, saving you 25%.


Flexible. Whether you’re a casual user or a pro, there’s a plan for you.

Check the Pricing Options

My Key Findings:

  1. AI Detection: Originality AI is top-notch for sniffing out AI-generated content. Whether it’s bare ChatGPT or charged with prompts, this tool nails it. As for Claude 2, it’s not doing so well so far, but that’s probably temporary.
  2. Speed: It’s fast. Like, really fast. You get your results in a snap.
  3. Plagiarism Check: Not its strong suit. Only scans the first page of Google results, so don’t rely on it for deep plagiarism checks.
  4. Readability: Solid. Comparable to Grammarly but with color-coding. Makes it easy to spot what needs fixing.
  5. Team Management: Got a team? This feature lets you manage multiple users under one account. Handy for big projects.
  6. Shareable Reports: One-click sharing of detailed reports. Good for team updates or impressing your tech-savvy grandma.
  7. Pricing: Fair. Monthly deal saves you 25%. Pay-as-you-go credits expire in 2 years.
  8. API: Robust, especially for big publishers or writing agencies.
  9. Customer Support: Responsive, but not as fast as it could be.
  10. Limitations: No full site scans and no team management in the Pay-as-you-go subscription.
  11. Competitors: Holds its own against tools like Winston but excels in AI detection.
  12. Use Cases: Great for educators, legal professionals, and businesses that need to ensure content is human-written.
  13. The Team Behind: Led by Jon, who has a background in mechanical engineering and digital marketing. They’re invested and evolving.
  14. Reliability: If AI detection is your main concern, this tool is reliable. But for plagiarism checks, tread carefully.

Originality.AI 2.0: What’s New?

How does it measure up to its previous iteration? Let’s get into the nitty-gritty.

Version 1.4 vs. 2.0

Features & Improvements

Version 1.4

Version 2.0

Release Date

Apr 2023

Aug 2023

False Positives

Lowered but not eliminated

Even fewer, baby

AI Content Accuracy

Caught GPT4, but could do better

Nails GPT4, ChatGPT, and paraphrasing

Paraphrasing Detection

Good, not great


Open Source Goodies


Benchmark Dataset & Testing Tools

The Takeaways:

  1. Accuracy Skyrocketed: We’re talking a 4.3% leap.
  2. False Positives: Down by 14.1%. Yes, you read it right.
  3. Benchmarks: Smashed ’em. Most accurate in all four datasets tested.
  4. Open Source: Their gift to the community—Benchmark datasets and detection tools.

Why lay this all out? Because you need to know what’s under the hood of the tool you’re using. When a product evolves, that means the creator is invested. And that’s good news.


Did I forget to mention? Originality AI isn’t just among the top three AI detection tools — it’s currently setting the gold standard in the field.

Let’s move on to the key features of Originality.AI.

Speed. That’s the name of the game with Originality.AI.

Oh, yes. Right now, I’m using the Originality AI extension for Google Chrome. It lets me check content on-the-fly:

Originality AI icon (Google Chrome extesnsion)

Just click on the icon, copy the text from a website, and voila—you can instantly check for originality or plagiarism:

Originality AI's Google Chrome Extension in action

Click on Detect AI Scan, and you get:

Originality AI extension (AI detection Score)

How long did this take me? Half a second, max, if you don’t count the time it took to copy the text and click on the icon. Literally less than a second.

Now here’s why this is a game-changer, especially for analyzing competitors. Link buying still works, folks. Imagine an irresponsible blogger shamelessly exploits AI content, slapping whatever the AI writes onto their site. No good. But then you find that a particular article, competing for a keyword you’re targeting, is sitting pretty at Google’s third spot. What do you do? You start scanning one paragraph after another and—lo and behold—your competitor is blatantly abusing AI!

The solution? Write your content. Be amazed by your results. And I mean it. While Google may not care who writes the content, it absolutely cares how it’s written. If you’re the first to cover a low-competition topic, your page will inevitably skyrocket in rankings. But if you’re smart, mix in some AI but add your own human touch, your article stands a solid chance to outrank the lazybones who didn’t bother.

In the same Originality pop-up window, you can also check for plagiarism:

Originality AI plagiarism score (Chrome Extension)

This takes a bit longer—around five seconds. But that’s plagiarism for you; imagine how much data it has to churn through to give you a result.

a critical Note

Originality AI only scans Google’s top results. Why? You’ll find out later.

Checking for plagiarism isn’t my jam. I don’t see the point. I write my texts myself, in my style. But hey, maybe it’s a feature you’d find useful.

There you have it. Cutting corners with AI can be perilous. But with tools like Originality AI, you can outsmart and outperform. Think and grow rich, just like Napoleon Hill once advised.

The Next User Case: Scanning Google Docs with Originality AI

Picture this: a copywriter sends you their work. It’s killer content. Gripping. Magnetic. You’re itching to publish it on your blog. But what if…

Originality AI short report from Google docs

Where did this come from? How is this even possible? Enter Originality AI, our trusty AI content detection tool. Install the extension, and it seamlessly integrates with Google Docs. Make sure your copywriters send work this way, and your worries are over. You get the work, you hit:

Originality AI report click

And voila, once Originality AI does its thorough check, you get an image similar to the one above. Need details? (You should.) Click Originality Report and see:

Originality AI report in action

Here, zero in on the Start Time and End Time. In my case, the text creation started at 1:39 and ended at 1:40. That’s practically GPT-5 magic! One minute and your content is ready.

Click on View Writing—right there, at the top with the plugin—and you’ll see:

View Writing Originality AI

In my case, writing the content took literally one second—I copied and pasted. But if your copywriter has been diligently working, you’ll see their writing process and content. That’s golden intel.

Ready for a magic trick?

Highlight the text you want to check, right-click to call up the browser’s context menu, and look what you get:

Ai detection context menu

Click, and here’s your result:

Originality Quck scan

This way, you can check any text, well, almost any. Some platforms like LinkedIn have internal restrictions that prevent this contextual menu function, but it works on most websites. If all else fails, you can always revert to Originality AI’s native website for the scan. A tad more tedious, perhaps, but still quick.

Ah, the sweet relief of validation! In a digital landscape filled with copycats and scammers, Originality AI gives you that rare peace of mind. Whether you’re a blogger or you collaborate with freelancers, these features are not just convenient; they’re essential. It’s not just about saving time, it’s about ensuring quality. Because quality content isn’t just written, it’s verified.

How Accurate is Originality AI: A Test Across ChatGPT, GPT-4, and Claude 2

Let’s cut to the chase. We’re diving deep into how Originality AI measures up against content from ChatGPT, GPT-4, and Claude 2—with and without prompts. And let’s not forget some websites. Shall we?

Can Originality AI Spot ChatGPT? Here’s the 411.

ChatGPT article on AI in education

ChatGPT churned out a decent article. To me, it’s crystal clear this piece won’t pass the originality test. Using ChatGPT without prompts yields “dry,” generic content. Even a casual reader can sense it.

We run it through our trusty AI detection tool:

Originality AI testing chatgpt content1

Verdict: 100% AI-generated text. No surprise.

Test 2

Let’s craft an article about AI in healthcare with ChatGPT, still sans prompts:

ChatGPT generated text on AI in healthcare

Check it with Originality:

Originality AI testing ChatGPT output

Verdict: 0% human text. Well, ChatGPT, we had high hopes.

Test 3

Now, we pen an article on Living a Meaningful Life in the Age of AI:

ChatGOPT output for testing with Originality AI

Run it through Originality:

Originality AI Review: GPT-4. Claude 2, ChatGPT tests, and much more (Updated)

Verdict: 30% human content. Odd, as the whole text is flagged red with no hint of a human touch. Take a look:

Originality AI Review: GPT-4. Claude 2, ChatGPT tests, and much more (Updated)

Why this? What does it mean?

Let’s Decode:

  • The Basics: The score is about confidence—confidence that the content in question originated from AI tools like GPT-2, GPT-J, GPT-NEO, GPT-3, or the latest GPT-4.
  • Break it Down: Score says 90% original, 10% AI? Read it as, “We’re 90% sure a human wrote this.” It’s not about 90% of the content being human-made and 10% AI-crafted. Got it?

Test 4.

Next, let’s cook up an article on “AI magic on the web.”

AI magic on the web - an aticle generated by ChatGPT

Check for originality:

Originality AI checking the article from ChatGPT

Verdict: 2% original, 98% AI-generated content. Given that I entered the command in ChatGPT, let’s chalk that 2% up to human input.

Test 5

Finally, let’s write about making $100 per day with AI:

ChatGPT output 5

We test:

Testing Originality AI for ChatGPT output

Verdict: Spot on at 100%. No human touch, nothing that would make this AI-generated text sound human.

The Lowdown

Five tests: three nailed a 100% accurate result; one showed 30% human and another 2% human. By my account, that’s an excellent outcome.

So, if you’re wrestling with the uncertainty of whether you’re dealing with machine or human-crafted content, Originality AI makes a compelling case for itself. It’s a lifeline in the murky waters of AI-generated content. Trust restored. No sugarcoating here—just hard, unvarnished facts.

Phase 2: Testing Originality AI on Detecting GPT-4 Content (with prompts)

Now, let’s ratchet up the complexity. GPT-4 is one of the most advanced AI models out there. So, naturally, we’re going to apply some prompt engineering. I’m using Custom Instructions—a nifty feature recently added to ChatGPT. But more on that in another post. In these instructions, I’ll lay out what and how to write, assigning GPT-4 a specific role. Then, we pen articles on the same topics to compare. Let’s get rolling!

The topics of the articles:

  • AI in education
  • AI in Healthcare
  • Living a Meaningful Life in the Age of AI
  • AI magic on the web
  • making $100 per day with AI

Test 1.

ChatGPT output (custom instructions enabled)

Voila! The article looks transformed. More structured, more resonant, more human-like. But will it pass the originality test?


Testing Originality AI for GPT-4 accuracy

100% AI-generated content. Bravo, Originality! Better content but alas, still 0% human-written.

Test 2.

Now, let’s switch gears. I’ll use a simple prompt directly in my conversation with ChatGPT. From personal experience, prompts seem to work better here. And this is what we get…

ChatGPT with a prompt

The text isn’t bad, but I can spot ChatGPT telltales from a mile away: “Imagine a world…” Close the tab; this is ChatGPT at work. Let’s check AI detection.

GPT-4 generated content checked via Originality AI

Failed. 100% AI-generated content. Despair. But we aren’t quitters. Onward!

Test 3.

For the sake of a clean experiment, I start a new chat. Topic? Living a Meaningful Life in the Age of AI. A more complicated prompt this time.

ChatGPT with a prompt (good attempt)

This little article hit me. My prompt? Pure improvisation. And just to show what prompt engineering can do, here’s the article:

Living a Meaningful Life in the Age of AI

Loneliness. Disconnection. Obsession with screens. We’ve all felt it. The modern world promised connection, yet for many of us, we’ve never felt more alone. Our phones beep, our watches vibrate, and our computers never sleep. In the cacophony of ones and zeroes, where did the human essence go?

Remember this: You matter.

In a world increasingly run by algorithms and artificial intelligence, it’s easy to feel overshadowed. Overwhelmed. Irrelevant even. Machines learn, compute, and even create. But can they laugh at a terrible dad joke? Can they experience the visceral, gut-wrenching intensity of first love? Or the sweet pain of nostalgia?


Let’s journey together.

The Age of AI: The Double-Edged Sword

We’re in a transformative age. Digital giants wield algorithms like swords, slicing through data, reshaping industries, redefining norms. There’s a seductive allure to it all. The instant gratification, the convenience, the boundless knowledge. Yet, we’re also paralyzed by endless choices, constantly chasing the next dopamine hit. Notifications. Likes. Shares.

Exhausting, right?

But wait. There’s hope.

Humanity: Your Ultimate Weapon

AI can’t cry. It can’t taste grandma’s apple pie, or feel the thrill of diving into an ice-cold lake on a hot summer’s day. It doesn’t cherish memories, or understand the warm comfort of a familiar hug.

That’s where we shine.

Find meaning by leaning into those very human experiences. Bake that pie. Dive into that lake. Hug with wild abandon.

Laugh. Often.

Frameworks for a Richer Life

Here’s a recipe for you:

  1. Connect: Engage genuinely. With humans, not just screens.
  2. Experience: Embrace sensory delights, from the aroma of fresh flowers to the rhythm of a favorite song.
  3. Learn: Always. Not just from the web but from life’s messy, unpredictable moments.
  4. Pause: Relish stillness. Reflect. AI never stops, but we must.

Laughter: The Best AI Deflector

Worried about AI taking over the world? Throw a pie in its face. Okay, maybe not literally (those things are expensive). But don’t let it steal your joy.

Laugh at the absurdity of a digital assistant misunderstanding your accent. Chuckle when autocorrect turns your mundane text into something hilariously inappropriate.

Cherish those imperfections.

Bringing it Home

As we stand on the precipice of an AI-driven future, don’t lose sight of your unique, irreplaceable humanity. Relish it. Celebrate it.

In the symphony of life, AI might be the latest instrument, but you? You’re the maestro. Embrace your role with gusto, and remember:

Live. Laugh. Love.


Not bad, huh? Checking…

Originality AI Review: GPT-4. Claude 2, ChatGPT tests, and much more (Updated)

36% human-written content. Impressive? Did I contribute 36% to this content? I think so. Maybe a smidgen less. Yet, we couldn’t fool Originality AI. Our goal isn’t deception; it’s to showcase this AI detection tool’s capabilities. Let’s keep going.

Test 4.

New prompt, new article, new chat.

ChatGPT bad prompt for Originality

Another improv. Nothing to brag about. The text did not inspire me. As they say in prompt engineering, garbage in, garbage out.

Checking with Originality…

Originality Report for a bad prompt

Ah, not even a 1% human touch, and I invested a whole two minutes in that prompt! What you see is what you get—100% AI.

One more try.

Test 5.

ChatGPT the final article for Originality AI

Well, well, well. The text came out dry and lifeless. A prime example of generic content. And I poured my soul into that prompt!


Originality AI the final test for ChatGPT

All in front of your eyes. 100% AI-generated content.

Conclusion: For those with mediocre skills in prompt engineering, duping Originality won’t happen. Even if you’re a whiz in prompt engineering, I still strongly recommend vetting each piece of content through platforms like Originality AI (wait, is there anything better?).

Switching gears to the next Use Case.

Can Originality AI detect Claude 2?

Let’s find out together. I’ll create the same 5 articles for fairness to ChatGPT.

No fluff—let’s dive in.

Test 1. Claude 2: AI in Education

Straight to it.

Claude2 Output1 for Originality AI testing

Let’s test it.

Claude 2 output tested via Originality AI1

Well, same as ChatGPT. 100% AI content.

Another test without a prompt is in order. Same outcome? We need to know.

Test 2. Claude 2: AI in Healthcare

Straight to business.

Claude2 output2 for testing via Originality

No prompts used—yet. What’s Originality AI gotta say?

Originality AI result for Claude2_2

Boom! 84% original content. It’s heating up. Claude 2’s potential? Off the charts. Let’s use those same 3 prompts we tested on ChatGPT. Drumroll.

Test 3. Claude 2: Living a Meaningful Life in the Age of AI

Let’s roll.

Claude2 output3 for testing through Originality AI

I bet Originality AI can’t tell who really penned this text. Judge for yourselves:

The robots are coming. Beep boop beep. Everything’s automated. Your job, gone. Your relationships, virtual. You’re glued to screens. Dopamine hits with each new notification. Life’s lost meaning.

Or has it?

Don’t panic. Take a breath.

This is the age of AI, but you still control your destiny. Machines can’t dictate purpose. Only you can. So how do you live meaningfully when algorithms dominate?

Connect. Unplug and engage with real people. Share stories. Foster community. Laugh together.

Create. Draw, build, write, invent, compose. Produce works with your own two hands. Make your soul sing.

Give. Lend your time, skills, care. Make others’ lives better through selfless acts.

Reflect. Explore your inner world. Discover your truths. Understand what matters most.

Grow. Challenge yourself always. Never stop learning and improving.

Make your mark. Leave behind a legacy. Use your talents to contribute good to the world.

Will AI take jobs? Certainly. Will it transform society? Absolutely. But it can’t touch the human spirit. Your purpose is yours to shape.

So stay present. Lift others up. Follow your heart. Do what brings you joy, come what may.

The robots may one day become our overlords. But today, you decide what matters. Today, you live fully, freely. Let machines handle the rest.

Boop beep boop. The robots are here. But they’ll never outlive you.

This text? Gorgeous. Short, clear, and striking. Claude 2’s prowess in creative writing is undeniable.

Time for our AI detection tool.

Originality AI result for Claude2_3

100% human-written. What’s the verdict? Can Claude 2 beat Originality AI? You see the numbers.

While you ponder, I’ll run two more tests.

Test 4. Claude 2: AI Magic on the Web

Onward. Same prompt as ChatGPT:

Claude2 output4 for testing with Originality AI

The text is, again, stunning. I won’t go into what Claude 2 can do here, but even minimal prompt engineering allows for undetectable AI content using this tool.

Originality check?

Originality AI result for Claude2 output with a prompt

100% human-written. No commentary yet, moving on to the final test.

Test 5. Claude 2: Mapking $100 Per Day with AI

Again, same prompt as for the ChatGPT article.

Claude2 output for testing via Originality AI_5

This time, the text isn’t that original. Will it pass the test? Let’s find out.

Originality Ai result for Claude2_5

34% original and 66% AI.

The Bottom Line

Clearing the air: I’m not trying to expose Originality AI’s weaknesses by showing it can barely detect Claude 2-generated content. My intent? Showcase what Originality AI can and can’t do. Yet, I must add.

Feel the heat? The AI content game isn’t just evolving—it’s exploding. With Originality AI and Claude 2 in the ring, who knows what tomorrow holds. The ball’s in your court.

The Thrill of New Tech and the Sobering Reality

When GPT-4 emerged as OpenAI’s new prodigy, the buzz was deafening. “Content galore, undetectable by Originality AI,” they cheered. But lo and behold, Originality AI threw a curveball—a software update.

Let’s Talk Dates

GPT-4 release date

GPT-4 hit the scene on March 14. Originality AI dropped its update to detect GPT-4 content on April 11, 2023. Screenshot proof from the email:

Originality AI Review: GPT-4. Claude 2, ChatGPT tests, and much more (Updated)

Your calculator ready? You do the math on how much time you’ve got. But let me be brutally honest—don’t litter the internet with generic content. Sure, some of the pieces I’ve showcased might be tempting, but I didn’t reveal them so you’d hijack my prompts and churn out meaningless drivel. Trust me, you gain zilch from that.

Reality Check

Veering back to the present, Originality AI is barely scratching the surface when it comes to detecting Claude 2’s handiwork. I wager that’s a temporary blind spot. Exploiting it? Not wise. If you do, tread cautiously to avoid the social media uproar that followed Originality AI’s last update.

Ah, YouTube—teeming with videos on “how to bypass Originality AI.” Good for a laugh, but little else.

Originality AI: Human Content — Will the AI detection tool give false positives?

Now, let’s dig in. I’m going to test several sites where I’m 90% sure about the content.

Sites on my test list:

Let’s roll!


Not all sites let you check the content directly using the plugin. Sometimes I’ll use Originality AI directly. So don’t freak out if the plugin seems stuck (endless loading). It’s not the plugin’s fault; it’s the website.

Test 1: AuthorityHacker

Grabbed some text from this article: Has AI Already Won?

Checking AuthorityHacker content with Originality.AI

AuthorityHacker didn’t let me use the plugin. Like I said, probably some internal security. No biggie. Checked using Originality.Ai.


Originality AI result for Authorityhacker

100% human-written. No surprises there.

Test 2: Search Engine Land

Testing this article: AI-Proof Your Content

Originality AI Review: GPT-4. Claude 2, ChatGPT tests, and much more (Updated)

Click Detect AI scan:

Originality AI Review: GPT-4. Claude 2, ChatGPT tests, and much more (Updated)

All good. 100% human written content, 0% AI.

Test 3: Zapier

Article for the test: Yahoo vs. Gmail

Zapier article for checking with Originality.AI


Checking Zapier with Originality

Again, 100% human-written. No shocker.

Test 4: Exploding Topics

Article for the test: Stackline Alternatives

Checking Exploding Topics with Originality AI


Brian Dean only 5% Original content

Whoa! Did Brian Dean make a boo-boo? Hold on. Checked the entire article on Originality AI.


Brian Dean_Originality_AI

Way better: 69% original content. Here’s the catch: Brian Dean’s articles follow a pattern. What’s a pattern? Template. What do all AI content creation tools have in common? Patterns. I read the article myself, no robotic vibe, but it’s templated. That’s on the writer, not Originality AI.


If in doubt and part of the text is marked 95-100% AI, check the whole thing. Templated doesn’t mean AI-generated.

Test 5: Originality.AI

Finally, let’s test Originality.

Article for the test: How Does AI Content Detection Work?

Originality Ai article for checking via Originality AI


Checking Originality Ai article with Originality.AI

59% human, 48% AI. What gives? Not a false positive. The article is formulaic, very formal. That’s it.

In short: Don’t just trust the AI detector blindly. If Originality says 1% human, does it mean it’s true? Nope. Check the whole article. Even if it shows 50/50, it doesn’t mean you’ve been fooled. It means read it yourself. Make your own human judgment.

Some folks have a knack for writing in a way that AI can’t detect as AI-like. Others have a more scientific approach. Either way, read and judge.

Let’s continue.

Originality AI: Plagiarism & Readability Detection

Alright, let’s get into it. So, we’re talking about Originality AI and how it handles plagiarism and readability. I had some high hopes, but let me tell you, it’s not all peaches and cream.

Test 1.

Article 1: The Impact of AI on the Job Market: Opportunities and Challenges

I decided to mix things up and write this one using Claude (Claude 2).

Claude output for plagiarism detection

Once done, it’s time for the real deal: plagiarism check. No need to tick off the AI detection box—we’ve already covered that ground.

Plagiarism detection via Originality AI

Now, pay attention to two things: Matched Phrases and Matched Websites. It’s marked on the screenshot. Originality AI flagged one site and one phrase. Simple, clear, and easy to navigate.

Let’s do a side-by-side with Grammarly.

Originality AI Review: GPT-4. Claude 2, ChatGPT tests, and much more (Updated)

Grammarly indicated 12% plagiarism. Fun fact: When I ran tests on Passed AI, Grammarly didn’t perform as well as Originality AI. But back then, I was dealing with essays. Now we’re talking general articles.

Let’s also peep at the readability scores.


Originality AI checks for readability while scouring for plagiarism.

Here’s what Originality gives us:

Originality AI readability check1

A score of 36.1. That’s pretty average. Originality and Grammarly both use the Flesch-Kincaid Grade to gauge readability. Higher the score, better the readability. For kicks, here’s a Wikipedia chart screenshot:

Originality AI Review: GPT-4. Claude 2, ChatGPT tests, and much more (Updated)

Let’s also check Grammarly’s readability score:

Grammarly readability Check1

It matches. All good.

Test 2.

Article: Integrating AI into Day-to-Day Business Operations

Claude article for plagiarism and readability check

Plagiarism check time in Originality.

Originality AI checking plagiarism - false result

Hmm. Weird. I’m pretty confident that some plagiarism is in play here.

Just to double-check, let’s run it through Grammarly.

Grammarly Plagiarism Check2

And that’s when things got sticky. Article after article, I found issues. Why? I wanted to pitch Originality as the best, the go-to tool. But when it comes to plagiarism detection, it’s a hot mess.

I had to postpone writing this review for a full day (work + delayed responses). And here’s the kicker, here’s what Brady from Originality AI had to say after my less-than-friendly email:

Reply from Originality

In a nutshell, their plagiarism checker only scans the first page of Google. No matches in the top results? You get a 0%.

Ugh. Wasted time. That’s a big miss. Kinda ticks me off, to be honest.

Alright, wrapping up. If you don’t give a hoot about plagiarism checks (like me), go ahead, use Originality. Truth be told, I’ve only used this feature twice. First time was when I compared it to Passed AI, and the second time is, well, right now while writing this review.

Readability? Solid.

Here’s the readability score for that last Claude article:

Originality AI Review: GPT-4. Claude 2, ChatGPT tests, and much more (Updated)

Oh man, it’s a beaut. Originality AI nails the readability part. Tested multiple articles, all while running plagiarism checks. The colors help a lot—makes it a breeze to spot what needs fixing.

By the way, you can get a similar, free feature in Hemingway Editor. Here’s that same text:

Hemingway Editor

Clear as day.

So, Final Thoughts? Complicated.

Let me put it straight. Each 100-word check for both plagiarism and readability takes up 2 credits. But you can uncheck the Check Plagiarism & Readability box and just go for AI detection. Do that to save credits.

Plagiarism detection? It’s a coin toss. If you’re gonna market yourself as a do-it-all tool, then, for goodness sake, do it all. Period.

Originality Ai Pricing: The Lowdown

How much does Originality AI cost?

Pay-as-you-go: Got $30? Good. That gets you 3,000 credits. One credit scans 100 words. Need more? Each extra credit is a penny. Credits last for 2 years. What’s in the package? AI scan, plagiarism scan, readability scan, and a 30-day scan history. File types? Docx, doc, and PDF. But hold up—no API, no full site scans, and no team management.

Base Subscription: Monthly deal. Costs $14.95. You save 25%. You get 2000 credits. Same deal—one credit for 100 words. Extra credits? Still a penny. Credits renew each month. What’s extra? Unlimited scan history, API, full site scans, and team management. Plus, you get access to future features.

Free Trial: Yep, they got it. Install their Chrome Extension and get 50 free credits. One credit still scans 100 words.

Credits Expiry: Watch out. Credits expire in 2 years for pay-as-you-go and renew each month for the subscription.

API: They’ve got a robust one, especially if you’re a big publisher or writing agency.

So, that’s it. Choose what fits you.

Originality.AI Benefits

Something from the list below I’ve already touched on, something I haven’t, but you’ll definitely find this short list helpful in making your decision.

Accurate AI Detection

First up, Accurate AI Detection. This isn’t your grandma’s “Is this AI or not?” tool. Nope. Originality.AI uses some serious tech to figure out if the content is human-made or AI-generated. So, if you’re wondering whether that article you’re reading is from a human or a bot, this tool’s got your back. I’ve already shown you how well the AI detection works.

Readability Score

Next, the Readability Score. Ever read something and thought, “What the heck does this even mean?” Originality.AI gives each piece of content a readability score. Simple numbers. The higher the score, the easier it is to understand. So, you know if it’s 6th-grade level or PhD thesis material. And the color scheme displaying readability is just beautiful here!

Team Management

Now, Team Management. Got a team? Great. Don’t? No worries. This feature lets you manage multiple users under one account. Delegate tasks, share results, and keep everyone in the loop. Teamwork makes the dream work, right?

AI Content Detector API

Hold up, they’ve got AI Content Detector API. For the tech-savvy, this is gold. Integrate Originality.AI into your own systems. Custom solutions? You bet. Automate the AI detection process and make it part of your workflow.

Shareable Reports

Last but not least, Shareable Reports. Found something interesting? Share it. With just a click, you can send detailed reports to your team, your boss, or even your grandma (if she’s into that sort of thing).

Update: Originality.AI Widens Scope with 15 New Languages

Originality.AI just dropped a big update: multilanguage support across 15 tongues. This AI detector aims to bridge language gaps.

The multilingual version has over 90% accuracy. Around 95% for English. Low false positive rate — about 4.5%.

Huge datasets power it. Human + AI-written content in each language. GPT-3, GPT-4 samples too.

More to come. More data. New structures. Faster speeds.

Why care?

  1. Global reach. Big for worldwide creators.
  2. 95% accuracy. Trust its detection skills.
  3. No extra steps. Detects language automatically.

Game-changing? You decide. But it widens content verification’s scope.

Who is Originality AI Better Suited For?

Content Creators: Listen, if you’re crafting articles, blogs, or social posts, this tool’s got your back. Why? It can sniff out if your content is AI-generated. Keeps you authentic.

SEO Pros: You want to rank high, right? Originality AI can be your ace in the hole. It detects AI-generated content, making sure you’re not tricked by AI-written articles that could hurt your SEO.

Educators and Students: Got essays or research papers? This tool can tell if they’re AI-written. No cheating with AI here!

quick Note

Passed AI might be your better choice if you are an educator.

Businesses: Marketing materials, product descriptions, you name it. Originality AI ensures you’re not fooled by AI-generated content. Keeps your brand real.

Legal Eagles: Contracts, legal docs, all that jazz. Originality AI can tell if they’re AI-generated. Less risk, more peace of mind.

Originality AI isn’t your average tool. It’s specialized for detecting AI-generated content. If you care about keeping things genuine in a world full of AI, this is your go-to. Clear enough? Cool.

Who is Behind Originality Ai?

The Man, The Myth, The Engineer: Meet Jon, the brainchild behind Originality Ai. He’s not just a techie; he’s a guy who loves the great outdoors. Canoeing in the summer, mountain biking, and skiing when the snow hits—Jon’s a man of all seasons. But let’s not forget, he’s based in Collingwood, Ontario. So, yeah, he’s got that Canadian charm too.

The Genesis: Jon didn’t just wake up one day and decide to create Originality Ai. Nah, he’s got a background in mechanical engineering and a burning desire for digital marketing. He even ran a content marketing agency before diving into this venture. So, what’s the deal? Frustration. Tools like Copyscape just weren’t cutting it for him. Too many limitations, especially when dealing with heaps of content.

The Team: Jon’s not a one-man army. He’s got a squad. About 14 full-time peeps and some freelancers here and there. They’ve got marketers, developers, and even someone to handle promotions. It’s a well-oiled machine, folks.

The Vision: Originality Ai isn’t just another plagiarism checker. Nope. Jon and his co-founder aim to tackle the rise of AI-generated content. They’re not just flagging copy-paste jobs; they’re sniffing out AI patterns too. Originality? It’s not just about avoiding plagiarism anymore. It’s about being truly, well, original.

The Tech: They’ve been at it for about a decade, but the AI detection feature? That’s new. Launched just before Chat GPT went live. And speaking of Chat GPT, its launch did shake things up for them. More competitors, same pool of customers. Timing, as Jon says, is everything.

The Strategy: Free tool for students? Nah, that’s not their game. Originality Ai is built for web publishers and academia. They’ve got a straightforward pricing model: Pay-as-you-go ($30) and Base Subscription ($14.95 a month). So, whether you’re a casual user or running a full-blown team, they’ve got you covered.

The Challenges: It’s not all sunshine and rainbows. Jon admits there are hurdles. Like the cat-and-mouse game of improving detection capabilities. And let’s not forget the challenges in academia—false positives, anyone?

The Future: Jon’s excited, and so are we. He’s not sure what the future of generative AI looks like, but he’s thrilled to be part of the journey.

So, there you have it. Originality Ai isn’t just a tool; it’s a vision. A vision backed by a team of passionate individuals led by a guy who’s as comfortable in a canoe as he is in a coding environment. Now, that’s what I call original.

Expert’s Take:

Yep, I’ll say it again. I’m an AI copywriter. For folks like me, it’s critical to know that my writing is both in tune with my style and unique in the eyes of AI detection tools.

Does Originality AI live up to its claims and hype?

From an AI detection standpoint, we’re golden. I’m 95% sure that Originality AI is unmatched here. Sure, Winston is in the game, but it falls short in some areas compared to Originality. Passed AI? More for educators, really. Their plugin, I like more. But it’s all about fit, you know? Passed AI gets into the nitty-gritty—just the ticket for educators.

When it comes to plagiarism? Eh, it’s debatable. Maybe I didn’t test enough to say Originality sucks at plagiarism detection. But let’s be real, this testing drained me and sucked up time, as I’ve mentioned before. So if the devs claim their tool is a Jack-of-all-trades, then be that, darn it. I leave the choice to you.

Readability? Ace work here. Love the color-coding plus the grading system. Comparing to Grammarly? They use the same grading but lack color-coding. Hemingway Editor? Free, simpler grading system, but hey, it’s free.

I personally use Grammarly for readability and error checks. No point splurging on Originality credits for the same stuff, just with colors.

Customer support? Top-notch, friendly. They might not always reply instantly, but within 12 hours on weekdays, you’ll hear back. Once they had a system glitch—beta phase, mind you. AI detection went haywire. Sent ’em an email and got a sweet 1,000-credit compensation. All smooth since, and I use this tool daily.

To Sum it Up

Originality AI ain’t perfect. Should it be? Is there anything better? Firm no to both. If you need the perfect AI detection tool, then Originality is your go-to. Don’t expect the full monty, but then again, you don’t need it.

If you’re an AI copywriter, if you’re knee-deep in text content, then I wholeheartedly and unequivocally recommend Originality.AI.


Alright, let’s tackle those questions.

You use Originality.AI yourself?

You bet! I deal with content all the time, so it’s my go-to tool.

Is Originality AI free?

Kinda. You can use it for free, but only if you get the Chrome extension. You’ll get 50 credits tops.

Is Originality AI the most accurate AI content detector?

Right now? Absolutely. No doubts.

Can Originality AI detect content reworked by services like Quillbot?

Easy. Let’s break it down with visuals.

Here’s some content from ChatGPT:

AI content in the classroom

Now, throw it into Quillbot:

Quillbot for Originality

Check this content in Originality.AI:

Originality AI checking Quillbot

See what I mean? No matter what you do, Quillbot won’t slide past as human-written anymore.

Is Originality AI reliable?

I mean, I’ve laid it all out for you. If you’ve still got questions, maybe go back and read this review again.

Can Originality AI detect Jasper.AI?

A breeze. I don’t have a Jasper account, but they’ve got this “Brand Voice” feature. You give ’em some text, and they mimic your style. Does it dodge AI detection? Nope. But don’t knock Jasper. So far, no tool writes undetectable text without some sneaky moves. Even my fave, LongShot.AI, can’t do it. Do you even need that, though? These tools help draft stuff. They’re aides, not magic wands.

Should we care if the content is AI-written or human-written?

Food for thought—maybe a case study’s due. Google doesn’t care who writes it. It cares about quality, user relevance. AI can’t churn out top-notch content solo. Never! Feel bad for those pumping out AI-only websites. No matter how niche-friendly, you’ll sink in search rankings. So, think. If you’re too lazy to write or polish AI output, but have money, invest in good copywriters. Trust me, it’ll pay off, and you’ll neversee pictures like this:

Originality AI Review: GPT-4. Claude 2, ChatGPT tests, and much more (Updated)

And there you have it. If I helped you decide, click the link below. Originality.AI is not perfect, but it’s the best AI content detection tool out there.

Originality AI: best AI content detector (reviewed & compared)
Originality AI Review: GPT-4. Claude 2, ChatGPT tests, and much more (Updated)

Diving deep into Originality AI 2.0, the ultimate tool for sniffing out AI-generated content in 2023. Real tests, no fluff. Is it the best? Let’s find out.

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